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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1663

83151. In whih year SriChittira Tirunal Balarama Varma,the Maharaja of Travancore issued his famous Temple Entry Proclamation?

83152. Which of the following kept alive the Indian National Movement during the period of the First World War?

83153. Name the British Indian Viceroy who won the title “The father of Local Self-Government”in India

83154. Reasonable restrictions can be imposed on the ground of security of state on

83155. The rule of ‘ex-post facto law’is embodied in which Article?

83156. Who is the head of the household for the purpose of ration cards under National Food Security Act,2013?

83157. The UNEP

83158. The Right to information was passed in the year

83159. The committee which functions at district level under the protection of women against Sexual Harassment at work place Act,2010 is

83160. Which committee recommended the insertion of fundamental duties in the Indian Constitution?

83161. The Supreme Court held that an amendment of the constitution under act 368 was ‘law’within the meaning of’law’under Art.13 in

83162. The Social Welfare Board in 1953 was set up with the object of protecting

83163. Understanding the meaning of the word is known as

83164. Which one of the following is not coming under the category of descriptive research?

83165. Kohiberg’s theory of moral development is based on the works of

83166. Naturalistic observation is widely accepted as an effective tool in the conduct of

83167. The mental age of a boy is 12 years and chronological age is 10 years.What is the IQ of this boy?

83168. The process of determining the authenticity of a source,while conducting historical research is known as

83169. ”Free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen years in such a manner as the state may by law,determine”-Which Article of our Constitution states this?

83170. From the following ,which one is not an important Section of the research report?

83171. The most important pedagogical implication of Gagne’s stress learning hierarchy is

83172. Which of the following is true about the relationship between validity and reliability?

83173. A method to improve nutrient availability

83174. The unique number 330 mentioned in a food label as ‘Acidity regulator 330’indicates

83175. Disodium EDTA is an example of

83176. The lower limit for bacterial growth in food is about

83177. An antibiotic permitted to be used as food preservative within specified limits

83178. Which among the following is a thermophile?

83179. Bifidobacteria is an example of a

83180. A preventive system of food controls involving identification and control over those processing parameters whose loss of control would result in an unacceptable risk

83181. FSSAI stands for

83182. Which among the following has the highest water activity?

83183. Effective space management in a kitchen positions the three major appliances,so that the sum of the three sides of the ideal work triangle in the kitchen is between

83184. Which among the following does not create an illusion of space?

83185. ’Dovetailling’is a term related to

83186. The Stream of goods and services available to a family over a given period of time

83187. Which among the following accessories best support the flexible use of space?

83188. Benefits given to an employee in addition to their salary

83189. The act of hiding or private stocking of goods to create artificial scarcity and to raise the orice

83190. A person who accepts risks,is alert and explores new avenues.

83191. ’Therbligs’was given by

83192. False advertisements results in

83193. The Community Development Programme was launched in India on

83194. The standard of living in a country is represented by its

83195. The implementation of Jawahar Rozgar Yojana rests with

83196. NREGP is the abbreviated form of

83197. The landmark Constitutional Amendment to establish Panchayati Raj

83198. SGSY aims at providing

83199. PMAY stands for

83200. Co-ordination achieved through the mechanism of organizational hierarchy

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