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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1662

83101. Hall co-efficient gives an indication of

83102. If the Fermi energy of copper is 0 eV,what is the corresponding Fermi temperature?

83103. Which of the following is not true for type I super conductor

83104. Average Binding Energy of a nucleon in the nucleus of an atom is

83105. Weak nuclear forces act on

83106. An admissible potential between the proton and neutron in a deuteron is

83107. ’Half life of a radio active material is 4 days After 20 days the fraction remaining undecayed will be

83108. Nuclear fusion requires high temperature because

83109. The ripple factor in a rectifier circuit indicates

83110. The cathode of azener diod in a voltage regulator is normally

83111. An Oscillator differs from an amplifier because

83112. If maximum and minimum amplitudes of an amplitude modulated waves are 10V and 5V respectively,the modulation index is

83113. Thermal runaway is not possible in FET because as the temperature of FET increases

83114. The dimension of Cantor set is

83115. The fixed points of the Logistic map’x_(n+1)’=a’x_(n)’(1-‘x_(n)’are

83116. A stable and unstable fixed point collide each other and vanish as the control parameter is decreased in

83117. If 10> and 11>are eigen states of number operator which of these represent a state orthogonal to

83118. If n>represent an eigen vector of number operator with eigen value n ,the state aaaaln>has eigen value’’

83119. Among the following ,the fullerene also known as “bucky ball”is

83120. Which among the following is a quantum dot?

83121. The temperature of cosmic background radiation is

83122. Name the person who won Nobel prize in physics in 2011 for predicting the accelerating expansion of universe?

83123. The interaction which changes the flavor of a quark is?

83124. The SE of the sample mean

83125. In an experimental research,a particular group is subjected to an innovative intervention and studied by way of its effects.Which of the following design will you consider suit the study?

83126. Operational definition of a variable means defining it in a way that

83127. Systematic sampling is a type of

83128. A publication which has significant reproduction of content from a previously published article without proper reference or acknowledgement is

83129. Teaching in higher education is mainly for

83130. The activities relatd to a topic done in the form of ‘reflective practicum’will help students

83131. The most suitable method for learning disabled children is

83132. ’Professional and humane teachers’has been put forth as its prime objective by

83133. The propounder of ‘meaningful reception learning’is

83134. Which one of the following type of justice is not mentioned in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution?

83135. Which of the Fundamental Right omitted from Article 19 of the Constitution by The Constitution (44th Amendment)Act,1978?

83136. What is the quorum to constitute a meeting of either house of the Parliament?

83137. What is the ground for declaration of emergency in a State under Article 356 of the Constitution?

83138. The President of India shall bee elected by the members of a electoral college consisting of ----------

83139. Which is the Court with jurisdiction to decide cases under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act,2005?

83140. Designation of the Presiding Judge in Juvenile Justice Board under Juvenile Justice(Care and Protection of Children)Act,2006

83141. Denote the section enlisting the exemption from disclosure of information according to Right to information Act,2005

83142. Rule making power under Section 6 of Environment(Protection) Act,1986 is entrusted with

83143. Days of employment ensured by the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act as per the existing law?

83144. Which of the following incidents marked the beginning of Civil Disobedience Movement in India?

83145. Name the place where the Great Revolt of 1857 broke out.

83146. Who among the following gave leadership to Bardoli Satyagraha?

83147. Who is the author of ‘Keralasimham’,the historical novel in Malayalam?

83148. Where did the historic session of the Indian National Congress take place in 1929?

83149. Who amongst the following was nominated by the Travancore Government as a member of the Sri Mulam Praja Sabha in recognition of his services to the Harijan community?

83150. Who was the owner of the newspaper ‘Swadesabhimani’?

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