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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1671

83551. Which is the longest river in Kerala?

83552. The first women to become a member in Travancore legislative assembly?

83553. The founder and editor of women’s Magazine Shrimathi?

83554. Who consecrated Ezhava Siva at Aruvippuram?

83555. Teacher pupil interaction inside the classroom should generate

83556. In order to have an efficient learning,learner should have

83557. ”Spare the rod and spoil the child”,gives the message that

83558. With respect to the development of skills,which one is the correct Answer?

83559. Evaluate feedback in the class should be provided through

83560. Who was the author of ‘A History of Travancore’?

83561. A research article is a brief report of research work based on

83562. Which of the following is non-probability sampling?

83563. Qualitative research approaches have

83564. The ethical debates in qualitative research revolve around

83565. The right of Children to have free and compulsory education up to the age of 14 was made a fundamental right under Article 21 A of Indian Constitution in

83566. The function of National Judicial Appointment Commission is not to

83567. The term”Secular”was inserted in the preamble of our Constitution by

83568. An Amendment to Article 368 of Indian Constitution requires

83569. Indian Constitution is composed of following parts and schedules

83570. Name the employment scheme of Government of India that guarantee 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled work

83571. The permission for import and export of Hazardous Waste in to or out of India is granted by

83572. Right to receive food security allowance is a guaranteed right according to

83573. The information sought by an applicant under the Right to Information Act,2005 shall be supplied within

83574. People’s Biodiversity Register shall contain comprehensive information on

83575. Which play’s epilogue is considered as Shakespeare’s farewell to theatre?

83576. In Hamlet who says “The lady doth protest too much”?

83577. Lady Bellaston is a character from the novel

83578. In Pope’s Atticus passage of “Epistle to Dr.Arbuthnot”,who is Atticus compared to in an attempt to describe his habit of blowing his own trumpet?

83579. Name the Character in the Duchess of Malfi who may be described as a murderer who speaks poetry?

83580. In which work of Johnson does he mention the phrase ‘discordia concors’ to explain the wit of Metaphysical poets?

83581. Choose the odd one out.

83582. Which essay of Bacon starts with a reference to Pilate from the Bible?

83583. Who is described in the prologue to the Canterbury Tales as”an outrider who loved hunting”?

83584. A School for Scandal was performed for the first time at

83585. Who among Shakespeare’s characters said,”If music is the food of love,play on”?

83586. Which poem inspired Rossetti to pen the “The Blessed Damozel”?

83587. Name the Ferminist critic who read Wuthering Heights as Emily Bronte’s myth about creation

83588. Which quality of his wife’s had,according to Henchard done him “more harm than the bitterest temper”?

83589. Who is the author of Fearful Symmetry?

83590. ”Behold the child among his new born blisses”.Whose son is referred to in these lines from “Immortality Ode”?

83591. ”If Austen’s is an art of the cameo,Dicken’s is one of the poster”.Which eritic said this?

83592. Ernest is the fictitious identity of --------in importance of Being Earnest

83593. Which character in Pride and Prejudice stands testimony to Austen’s distasts for high aristocracy?

83594. Which poem of Hopkins is dedicated to ‘Christ our Lord’?

83595. Whom does Lamb describe as”the most irrelevant thing in nature”,”a lion in your path”,A Lazarus at your door”and so on in one of his essays?

83596. In the myth of Pygmalion,who brings about the transformation of Galatea?

83597. ”I leave you to the pleasures of your higher vices”,says the first Tempter in Murder in the Cathedral.What is the “higher vice”mentioned?

83598. Name the character in Waiting for Godot who can’t think without his bowler?

83599. The title”A Game of Chess”which forms the II section of “The Wasteland”is borrowed from the title of which dramatist’s play?

83600. Dyian Thomas”Poem in October”commemorates his birthday.Which one?

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