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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1672

83601. From among the following poets pick out the one who is not a Movement poet?

83602. Seamus Heaney’s “Tollund man” foreground his-----------perspective.

83603. Who is the Christ figure in Lord of the Flies?

83604. Anna in The Golden Notebook has a rejuvenating experience towards the end with

83605. The setting for Greene’s The Heart of the Matter is a British Colony in

83606. According to Aristotle--------------“is very artless and least particular to the art of poetic composition”

83607. ”His tragedy seems to be skill,his comedy to be----------“,Complete the quote by Johnson on Shakespeare

83608. In Rasa theory,the bodily expression by which emotion is communicated is called

83609. The two poets on whom Arnold puts the charge of lacking “high seriousness”are

83610. From which collection of essays is Lionel Trilling’s “Freud and Literature “taken?

83611. The male critic whom Elaine Showalter identifies as a prime example of androcentric criticism in her 1979 essay is

83612. To what chemical process does T.S.Eliot compare the poetic process in “Tradition and Individual Talent”?

83613. In “What is an Author”?Foucault argues that the author is

83614. ”The language of Paradox”was first published in

83615. The literary term for transferring the usual perception of an object into the sphere of a new perception to make a unique semantic modification is called

83616. -----------was formulated to explain how the Great Consonant Shift happened

83617. The structural device that formed an essential part of versification in Old English is

83618. The Middle English period begins with the------conquest

83619. What were the striking differences between Chaucerian and present day pronunciations due to?

83620. The shifting of stress from the initial syllable was the result of-----------influence

83621. The formation of the word ‘alone’ from the old usage’at one’ is an example of

83622. The word’pandemonium’is the contribution of

83623. The ways in which sounds influence each other is called

83624. Transformational Generative Grammar was first introduced by

83625. Who is the proponent of the approach called descriptive linguistics?

83626. ”I must work fast,faster than Scheherazade”.From which Indian English novel is this quote taken?

83627. The narrative cycle in The Bluest Eye begins with the---------season

83628. To which frost collection does “The Road Not Taken”belong?

83629. What imagery is used in “Daddy”to describe the husband?

83630. Ezektal’s “Poet,Lover,Birdwatcher”is taken from

83631. Who in The Glass Menagerie is the Chief spokesperson for the American dream?

83632. From where is the title of Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury taken?

83633. Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman”begins with a scathing attack on

83634. Which character in Padmanabhan’s Harvest tries to appropriate Jaya’s body in the final scene?

83635. In which year was Ellison’s Invisible Man published?

83636. Name the postcolonial critic who used the phrase ‘derivative discourse’as the subtitle of his book which challenges Benedict Anderson’s model

83637. Which postcolonial critic,in reworking the Oedipal concept of identity formation,described colonialism as an Oedipal scene of forbidden desire(for the white woman)?

83638. Who is the author of Epistemology of the Closet?

83639. A method based on the parallel reading of literary and non-literary texts is called

83640. The founder of Ecocriticism as an institutional movement in the USA is

83641. Name the author of the work,Finding the Centre:Two Narratives,in which home is figured as an illusion for immigrants.

83642. What is the term Homi Bhabha appropriates from Freud to describe border disruptions causing trauma and anxiety that subvert binaries in diasporic identity constructions?

83643. The idea that everything is a model or an image,all is surface without depth is termed-----------by Baudrillard

83644. The structural Transformation of the Public Sphere is the work of

83645. Cultural Studies in Britain developed out of the work of------------through Hoggart and Raymond Williams

83646. What is “Baku”famous for?

83647. The first bank to get online banking facility in India”

83648. The book “Vision,values and velocity”wrote by:

83649. The power of Judicial review in India is:

83650. The Mamamkam,festival of Kerala celebrated in:

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