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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 168

8401. A group of about 300 chlorophyll molecule acting together to trap photons and transfer energy to the pigment molecule at the reaction center may be called as

8402. The chief source of nitrogen for green plants is

8403. What type of long chain alcohol is esterified to plant chlorophyll molecules?

8404. During nitrogen fixation the enzyme nitrogenase catalyse the reaction. The reaction is high energy demanding which require approximately

8405. In which of the following battles are the main opponents not correctly stated ?

8406. Which one of the following throws light on Harappan Culture ?


8408. The biggest airport in the world is in:

8409. A person cups his hand around the mouth when shouting because:

8410. Organogenesis is

8411. Which of the following is used in the culture of regenerating protoplasts, single cells or very dilute cell suspensions?

8412. In a callus culture

8413. Protoplasts are the cells devoid of

8414. Which breeding method uses a chemical to strip the cell wall of plant cells of two sexually incompatible species?

8415. The phenomenon of the reversion of mature cells to the meristematic state leading to the formation of callus is known as

8416. Cell fusion method includes the preparation of large number of

8417. Subculturing is similar to propagation by cuttings because

8418. The ability of the component cells of callus to form a whole plant is known as

8419. What is/are the benefit(s) of micropropagation or clonal propagation?

8420. When plated only in nutrient medium, how much time is required for the protoplast to synthesize new cell wall?

8421. Cellular totipotency is the property of

8422. Agrobacterium based gene transfer is efficient

8423. A(n) __________ is an excised piece of leaf or stem tissue used in micropropagation.

8424. Protoplasts can be produced from suspension cultures, callus tissues or intact tissues by enzymatic treatment with

8425. Which of the following is considered as the disadvantage of conventional plant tissue culture for clonal propagation?

8426. What is meant by 'Organ culture' ?

8427. Which method of plant propagation involves the use of girdling?


8429. Which of the following statements in regard to the land revenue system of Akbar is not correct ?

8430. Normally hen’s eggs hatch in:

8431. National Science Day is observed on Februay 28 to commemorate:

8432. The Governor-General who followed a spirited “Forward” plicy towards Afghanistan was

8433. During meiosis crossing over takes place at

8434. Which of the following transposable elements are not found in plants?

8435. A plasmid used to introduce BT toxin into a plant cell

8436. The homologous chromosomes follow the process of synopsis in the

8437. When F1 plants are crossed with homozygous recessive plants, it is known as

8438. The shortest of mitotic phases is the

8439. In case of incomplete dominance, the phenotypic ratio of a monohybrid cross will be

8440. In the meiotic cell divison in daughter cells are produced by two successive division in which

8441. What is the approximate size (in kb) of the melon mitochondrial genome?

8442. When an organism has a life cycle with alternation of generations, the haploid generation is the

8443. When do kinetochore microtubules pull chromosomes towards opposite spindle poles?

8444. DENT


8446. Which of the following chemicals is used in the making of photograph?

8447. WEAKEN

8448. We have hired an advertising agency to prepare a campaign to encourage people votes.

8449. Which of the following elements is likely to form the least polar covalent bond with hydrogen?

8450. The mitochondria were known in the nineteenth century to be osmotically active on the basis of evidence that

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