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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 167

8351. Neutralized activated charcoal is occasionally added to young regenerating cultures to

8352. Which is the most common carbon source used in the plant cell culture media?

8353. Which of the following is an ethylene biosynthesis inhibitor?

8354. Nitrogen in the plant cell culture media is provided by either ammonia or nitrate salt. In the media

8355. Which of the following growth regulator is added for short initiation during plant regeneration from callus?

8356. Which of the following growth regulator promote cell division?

8357. What has been the impact of the drop in oil prices ?

8358. What led to alternative energy sources being considered economically feasible ?

8359. What does the author want to convey by citing the statistic of 2005-2007 ?

8360. Which of the following factors is not responsible for the current drop in oil prices?

8361. The term ‘Aryan’ denotes

8362. In human B cells and T cells are matured in the

8363. An example of mosaic antigen is

8364. T cells are the source of

8365. The primary B cell receptor is

8366. It is highly valued if the lymphocytes derived from the lymph node or tonsil tend to undergo fusion at

8367. Small simple molecules are

8368. The EBV-hybridoma technique

8369. Helper T cells assist in the functions of

8370. In immuno-inflammatory diseases such as hemolytic anaemia, eczema etc.,

8371. Of these who got the Saraswati Samman?

8372. The antigen-specific lymphocytes can be immortalized by which of the following method?

8373. A cytokine that stimulates the activity of B and T cells is

8374. Which type of cell actually secrets antibodies?

8375. The structure of DNA was discovered by:

8376. The Ig locus is about

8377. The hybrid cells can be propagated

8378. TC cells are important in controlling

8379. The approach (s), which is/are currently followed to produce human monoclonal antibodies, is/are known as

8380. Some cross reactions with monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) can occur. Unexpected cross reactions occur more frequently with

8381. Preliminary clinical results with a humanized antibody against the interleukin-2 receptor have suggested the

8382. The cross linkage of antigens by antibodies is known as

8383. In monoclonal antibody technology, tumor cells that can replicate endlessly are fused with mammalian cells that produce an antibody. The result of this cell fusion is a

8384. The sea-breeze blows during:

8385. The Allahabad Pillar inscription records the exploits of which of the following rulers of ancient India ?

8386. Skin helps us to:

8387. The British Governor-General who won the title Maker of Modern India:

8388. Which of the following is the function of OPEC ?

8389. Which of the following molecule is produced from the fixation of CO2 in C4 plants?

8390. Plants absorb nitrates from soil and convert them into

8391. In the presence of carbon monoxide, nitrogen fixation

8392. An organism that relies exclusively on pre-synthesized food molecules is

8393. In the Calvin cycle of C3 plants, which molecule is the acceptor of CO2?

8394. A major plant macronutrient found in nucleic acids and proteins is

8395. What is the metal ligand in chlorophylls?

8396. Nitrosomonous and Nitrobacter obtain their carbon for growth from

8397. Chlorophyll is associated with

8398. Organisms capable of converting N2 to NO3 are

8399. Which of the following aid plants in the acquisition of nitrogen from nitrogen gas of the atmosphere?

8400. Which of the following bacteria genus is capable of oxidizing ammonia (NH4)?

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