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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1768

88401. The Seven Year War was bought between ......... and .........?

88402. The term gigabytes refers to?

88403. Which Layer is not present in TCPIIP model?

88404. Third Generation computers are built with .................?

88405. Pick out correct secondary storage device from the following?

88406. 1 Penta Byte =?

88407. One of the followingis not an input device?

88408. One of the following is not a correct Data Base Management Software?

88409. A rectangle is used in a flowchart to represent?

88410. Pick out one of the Object Oriented Programming (OOP)Language from the following programs?

88411. A spreadsheet similar to MS Excel in Open office.org is?

88412. What is the full form of ODBC?

88413. . One of the following is not a web Browser?

88414. How many rows are there in MS Excel 2003?

88415. The maximum width of a column in MS Excel is?

88416. What is the full form of ULSI?

88417. One of the following is not an application software?

88418. File extension of MSAccess2003 file is .m?

88419. One of the following is not an Antivirus software?

88420. Fill up the blanks using suitable choice: A poor man ......... I knew nursed the orphan.?

88421. Who designed the Postage Stamps for Brazil to honour the 100years of Indian cinema?

88422. Who has been appointed as the goodwill ambassador of 35thNational Games Kerala?

88423. The movie 'Slum Dog Millionaire' is adopted from which of the following novels?

88424. Which day is observed as 'Leprosy Eradication Day'?

88425. Which was the first computerised Panchyat in Kerala?

88426. Who started the State Transport Service in Kerala?

88427. Who wrote the book 'Sooryakanthi'?

88428. Which was the first wild life sanctuary in Kerala?

88429. Who founded 'Satya Shodak Samaj'?

88430. Which place is known as the Holland of Kerala?

88431. Which was the only session of Indian National Congress presided by Mahatma Gandhi?

88432. Who called Kumaranasan as 'Viplavathinte Sukranakshatram'?

88433. Who founded 'Atma Vidhya Sangam'?

88434. Where is the historical site "Turalimala situated?

88435. The first native state to introduce military training on the European model was?

88436. The National Anthem of India 'Jana Gana Mana' was first sung at?

88437. Who among the following edited and published the newspaper 'India Mirror' in 1861?

88438. Who among the following played a dominant role in the famous Vaikom Satyagraha of 1924-1925?

88439. Gandhiji's Dandi March is associated with which among the following movements?

88440. "Springing Tiger: A study of a Revolutionary" is a biography work on which person?

88441. I. Name the scheme that was launched in 2000 to provide food grains at subsidized rates?

88442. Name the Prime Minister who launched Bharath Nirman Yojana?

88443. What is the objective of Indira Awaas Yojana?

88444. Which of the following scheme is launched to facilitate the construction and upgradation of dwelling units for the slum dwellers and provide community toilets for them?

88445. In which year was ICDS launched?

88446. Expand the acronym RLEGP?

88447. The State Poverty Eradication Mission of the government of Kerala popularly known as?

88448. Pradhan Manthri Adarsh Gram Yojana is implemented by?

88449. The IRDP has been merge in newly introduced scheme namely?

88450. Which of the schemes was introduced in the golden jubilee year of independence and is operational since December 1,1997?

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