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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1773

88651. Who called Ayyankali as 'Pulaya Raja'?

88652. In 1931the journal 'Deepika' was published by?

88653. Which art form from Kerala was recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece of oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity'?

88654. PUSA1509 is a variety of?

88655. When milk turns sour, the acid formed is?

88656. Who is First Woman President of Nepal?

88657. 'Kunjan Pillai' is the real name of?

88658. Only Keralite whose birthday and death anniversary are observed as holidays?

88659. Who wrote ‘Wuthering Heights’?

88660. The river which is known as Yamuna in Bangladesh?

88661. The Indira Awas Yojana aims to provide?

88662. Loktak Lake is located in?

88663. Who praised Mannathu Padmanabhan as 'Madan MohanMalavya' of Kerala?

88664. 'Torah'is the sacred book ofwhicb religion?

88665. Founder of famous 'Saiva Prakasha Sabha'?

88666. Which national leader's diary of day to day life during the imprisonment of 1942 is published as 'Feathers and Stones'?

88667. 'Paithal Mala' is situated in which district?

88668. Who was the UN Secretary General, killed in an air crash?

88669. The last temple consecrated by Sri Narayana Guru at?

88670. Which congress session accepted separate electorate for Muslim Community?

88671. Water gas is prepared by passing?

88672. Who is referred to as Mellisai Mannar or King of Light Music?

88673. URL stands for?

88674. I have been working here ......... last sunday.?

88675. Identify an optical storage device?

88676. World’s second cloned buffalo is?

88677. What do you mean by 'Hard Copy' of a file?

88678. The device used to Convert Sound waves into electric waves?

88679. Identify a High Level Language (HLL)?

88680. How many bits equal to one byte?

88681. Give suitable prepositions:I have invited him ......... the wedding .?

88682. The energy is produced in the interior of stars due to?

88683. One thousand and twenty four bytes represents?

88684. Identify a secondary memory device?

88685. The number of corporations of Kerala are?

88686. Windows settings is done by?

88687. Choose opposite of the given word: Ancestor?

88688. The cell address C5 indicates that the cell?

88689. Which of the following pesticides is not used as a fumigant?

88690. The Satavahana king, who defeated th Western Saka king, Nahapana, was?

88691. HTTP stands for?

88692. Main Memory is also known as?

88693. One of the ......... qualified in the entrance test.?

88694. The protocol which allows file transfer is?

88695. Use suitable alternative: Translate this passage from English ......... Hindi.?

88696. The astronaut in a spaceship sees the sky away from the sun as?

88697. PDF stands for?

88698. Which is related with computer networking?

88699. Identify the official website of Kerala Government?

88700. File name extension of Windows paint is?

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