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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1774

88701. Last In First Out (LIFO) is implemented in?

88702. pH of fresh milk is?

88703. The whiteness of the milk is contributed by?

88704. Milk sugar Lactose is formed by?

88705. Test for mixing of cow and buffalo milk is?

88706. The basic component of protein is called as?

88707. The capacity of animals to adjust to climatic changes is called?

88708. The deficiency of causes rickets?

88709. Plasma membrane is made up of?

88710. Glycogen is a polymer of?

88711. The heart of frog is chambered?

88712. The vein that carries oxygenated blood is the?

88713. The excretory organ of earthworm is?

88714. Oxygenated blood never goes to the heart in?

88715. The nitrifying bacteria in nitrogen cycle?

88716. Absorption of water in the plant occurs through?

88717. In man is the voice box?

88718. The pigment not found in Chloroplast is?

88719. Impulses in the heart are generated by the?

88720. Auxanometer is used to demonstrate……. in plants?

88721. The correct term used for single celled organisms?

88722. Haemoglobin is not the oxygen carrying pigment in?

88723. The absorption of glycerol and fatty acids occurs in the?

88724. World Refugee day comes on?

88725. The title 'Sarva Vidyadhi Raja' was given by Ettarayogam to?

88726. Karattu Govinda Menon is better known as?

88727. The title 'King of Pulaya' was awarded to Ayyankali by?

88728. What does 'SD' in SD Card denote?

88729. First Solar Flight which round the World?

88730. India's first fully indigenously constructed nuclear power station?

88731. The author of the book 'Poverty and un-British Rule in India?

88732. ·Gandhi Irwin Pact was signed in?

88733. Aruna Asif Ali is associated with?

88734. The Radcliffe line is a boundary between and?

88735. The host and winner of COPA America in 2015?

88736. Which train has been renamed as Yoga Express?

88737. The title 'Mahatma' was awarded to Gandhi by?

88738. The award presented to ISRO for accomplishing Mars Mission?

88739. Thycaud Ayya was the famous disciple of?

88740. The Sanskrit learning centre founded by Vaghbhatananda in 1906?

88741. Paper currency was first introduced in India in?

88742. Planning Commission of India was formed in the year?

88743. The First Governor of RBI was?

88744. Who if the founder of 'Mitavadi'?

88745. Annie Besant chaired a political Conference in Malabar held at?

88746. Which is not a work, of Vakkom Moulavi?

88747. The Sadhujana Paripalana Yogam was established in?

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