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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1794

89701. What is Jodrell Bank?

89702. What do you mean by Chipko movement?

89703. How will you remove nicotine stains on the hand?

89704. Who reached the South Pole first?

89705. Who was called the silver-tongued orator in India?

89706. Who delivered Aditya Hrudayam to whom?

89707. Which country had first started official family planning in the world?

89708. Name the first silent film produced in South India?

89709. Where is the world's largest vault?

89710. By which name Israel parliament is called?

89711. Where was the world's first system of drain established?

89712. Which of the following is the world famous mineral region of India?

89713. Where is the Louvre Museum situated?

89714. Where was the double decker train first put into use?

89715. Where was diesel/electric train first used?

89716. India's first Antarctic Expedition was led by?

89717. Which was India's first indigenously made colour film?

89718. Operation Blackboard is the governmental plan to?

89719. Which bank has the largest number of branches in the world?

89720. The train Black Diamond runs between?

89721. Who was the pioneer of trade union movement?

89722. Gerty Adams is associated with?

89723. Where was juke box first introduced?

89724. Where was museum first opened?

89725. The words 'Satyameva Jayate' have been taken from?

89726. ' Mothers and fathers are entitled to maternity leave upto the 2nd birthday of the child in?

89727. A Dobson unit is a measure for the physical thickness of the?

89728. Out of the following industries in India.' the maximum number of workers are employed in?

89729. The first woman doctor in India was?

89730. Separatist forces in Abkhazia want that region to secede from?

89731. More earthquakes had taken place at the following places of India: 1. Koyna 2. Kangra 3. Uttara Kasi The correct chronological sequence of these earthquakes (oldest first' and the most recent last) is?

89732. .The longest passenger rail route in India links?

89733. Which one of the following tribes treats their cattle with great respect and affection and do not kill them for food or for sale as meat?

89734. National Highway No.4 connects?

89735. August Kranti Rajdhani Express train runs between which two terminal stations?

89736. "Biosphere Reserve Project" is aimed at?

89737. Which temple has India's longest corridor?

89738. 'Operation Flood' refers to?

89739. Which is the longest National Highway?

89740. The headquarters of Southern Railway is?

89741. Nirmal Hriday. SanjiVini and Saheli are?

89742. The headquarters of the Central Railway Zone is located in?

89743. 'The Bhopal disaster' was result of which of the following?

89744. Raja Chelliah Committee was set up to study?

89745. Consider the following statements about the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) : 1. It was signed in 1968 and came- into effect in 1970; 2. It provides for review every five years and a spec conference to review extension after 25 years; 3.- India has not so far signed the NPT Of these statements?

89746. The indigenously designed main battle tank was named as?

89747. Who was the first to observe Sun spots?

89748. Which is the second biggest steel city of India, after Jamshedpur?

89749. Maginot Line is related to?

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