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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1798

89901. Sudbury in Canada produces on a large scale?

89902. The Contra rebels are active in?

89903. The problem of transporting bulk goods on a large scale on account of shortage of railway wagons has been solved by the Indian railways by?

89904. Vegetarians get maximum proteins from?

89905. The finest and most- elaborate temple of Chola architecture is the?

89906. The recent policy of disinvestment of equity capital of public sector enterprises is mainly intended to?

89907. CDMA in telephony stands for?

89908. India's oldest magazine is?

89909. The most useful forest type in India for paper and pulp industry is?

89910. The ozone shield in the atmosphere filters ultra-violet radiations coming from the Sun and thus protects life on earth. If this shield is to be maintained man must try to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and increase oxygen. This can be best achieved by?

89911. F-Ib is a/an?

89912. Which one of the following is NOT a tangible reason for youth unrest in India?

89913. An industrial unit is considered sick when?

89914. The quorum to constitute a meeting of either House of Parliament is?

89915. The life of photo prints is longer in case of?

89916. The primary school of civic virtues is?

89917. A hand written message can be instantly transmitted as such to' any part of the world through?

89918. Which of the following groups contains only antibiotics?

89919. Which one of the following food products is most nutritious?

89920. English is the States official language of which of the following?

89921. Which of the following States has the highest urban population' in India as per Census 2011?

89922. Which one of the following is devoted to the cause of human rights?

89923. What is the percentage of carbohydrates in the .normal daily food calorie requirement of an adult?

89924. In which State is the Bodoland militants group operative?

89925. Which one of the following is an antitank missile?

89926. All the following hotels are owned by ITDC except?

89927. What is 'Patriot'?

89928. Which one of the following has been the main feature of the South Indian temple architecture?

89929. A clone is a colony of?

89930. Which was the first entirely synthetic fibre?

89931. Environment is?

89932. Which gas from Mathura refinery is a threat to Taj Mahal?

89933. Who discovered America?

89934. Who was the Prime Minister of India for a long period of time?

89935. Monetary Policy is implemented in India by?

89936. Which year was reckoned as the warmest year in history?

89937. To which animal the word 'Murrah' is referred?

89938. Which one of the. following is correctly matched?

89939. A Bill of Exchange contains?

89940. The state with the smallest population in India as per Census 2011 is?

89941. Tea is cultivated at the highest level in?

89942. Coniferous forest belt i~ characterised by?

89943. The Semangs are the tribal people inhabiting in the Equatorial regions of?

89944. Elephant grasses are mostly found in?

89945. Which of the following rivers in India is shared by large number of States?

89946. Name the place where Dinosaur fossils were found in Tamil Nadu?

89947. Which among the following is the highest rank in the Indian Air Force?

89948. Which one of the following was a High Court judge, a great social reformer, economist, one of the founding fathers of I.N.C., whom A.O. Hume called his political Guru?

89949. The most important source of commercial energy in India is?

89950. The family planning programme in Ind!a is?

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