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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1797

89851. Which one of the following states was created out of the territory earlier known as North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA)?

89852. Near the banks of which of the following rivers, the excavation in recent years has brought to light that Indus Valley Civilisation percolated to far south?

89853. Which one of the following sets of states benefit the most from the Konkan Railway?

89854. Charles F. Richter was a famous?

89855. The state having the single largest Anglo-Indian population is?

89856. What does white colour in our national flag stand for?

89857. Which of the following is NOT a necessary condition for the development of India?

89858. Which one of the following areas is noted for 'mangrove vegetation?

89859. Which of the following States is called the Tiger State of 'India?

89860. The District Primary Education Programme a Centrally sponsored Programme in India is supported by?

89861. The Indian island that lies between India and Sri Lanka is?

89862. Antyodaya Programme is associated with?

89863. Deep Blue Black Box is connected with?

89864. Chandra is the name of?

89865. Which one of the following has been patented by the US?

89866. Which country is the second largest producer of the wheat in the world?

89867. The total length of the Indian coastline of the mainland, Lakshadweep Islands and Andaman & Nicobar Islands is?

89868. There is a traditional flower arrangement called Athapoo. In which festival is this used?

89869. When did India explode its first nuclear device?

89870. Which creature in Greek mythology has the arms, shoulders and head of a man, and the body and legs of a horse?

89871. Nongkrem dance festival is observed in?

89872. "INS Savitri" is the name of India's first?

89873. Which of the following 'is the headquarters of the railway zone "East Coast Railway'?

89874. A super computer developed in India specifically for using it in the Light Combat Aircraft is known as?

89875. State funding of elections takes place in?

89876. If there were no atmosphere, what would be the colour of sky?

89877. Which is the most urbanised state in India?

89878. Which of the following is the world's largest programme launched for children and nursing mothers?

89879. Consider the following statements I. ADB stands for Agricultural Development Bank II. IDBI stands for International Development Bank for Industry Of these statements?

89880. Which of the following former Soviet Central Asian Republics is a nuclear power state?

89881. Teen Bigha Corridor links?

89882. The first month of the Saka calendar is?

89883. Astana is the capital of?

89884. The Vidyasagar Setu is located at?

89885. The most urbanised area in the less developed regions of the world is?

89886. Which of the following power systems provides the highest quantity of energy in India?

89887. National Renewal Fund has been set up for which of the following purposes?

89888. The number of railway zones in India is?

89889. Which one of the following is a breed of cattle famous for high milk yield as well as draught capacity?

89890. Which one is NOT a non-conventional energy source?

89891. The first Earth Summit was held at?

89892. India-does not have passport/visa restrictions with?

89893. The world's worst industrial disaster rendering thousands dead and disabled was?

89894. Operation Night Dominance sought to control the movement of militants in?

89895. Which of the following countries is NOT included under CONCACAF?

89896. Which of the following would be the longitudinal distance when there is a difference of one hour in std. time of two places?

89897. Which of the following States has the largest rural population as per census 2011?

89898. The fragments of which of the following comet system collided with Jupiter in July 1994?

89899. The Simla Pact between India and Pakistan was signed by?

89900. The Naga hills form the watershed between India and?

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