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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1820

91001. Which of the following is not a source of geothermal energy?

91002. Which of the following capitals are situated on the banks of the river Danube except?

91003. Through which of the following countries does the river Tigris flow?

91004. Which of the following seas is most prone to occurrence of typhoons late in' summer or early autumn?

91005. Which of the following periodical winds blowing from the sea to land cause summer monsoon in India?

91006. Of all the animal pests that attack crop' plants, the most common and which cause the maximum damage are?

91007. Which of the following insects complete the major part of their life-cycle in stored grain and bring about extensive losses?

91008. One rupee note bears the signature of?

91009. Pong Dam is a venture undertaken jointly by which of the following groups of States?

91010. The traditional lands of the nomads of central Asia are?

91011. Chachnama is a famous work on the history of?

91012. Which of the following four distinct sections of the Himalayas is the longest in extent?

91013. The driest parts, which are prone to frequent drought, lie in?

91014. The 'term 'flora' in the context of natural vegetation refers to?

91015. India, east to west, covers almost the same distance as it does north to south. This distance is nearest to the figure of?

91016. Which of the following rivers has its source near Ajmer in the Aravalli Range?

91017. Which of the following places in India. has the lowest annual rainfall?

91018. On a December night, which of the following places generally has the lowest temperature (-40°C)?

91019. The course of the Ganges is the longest through?

91020. Red soils cover almost the whole of?

91021. The main coalfields of India are located in the?

91022. Which ~f the following countries of Europe share the principal coalfields of the world?

91023. Low heating capacity of which of the following types of coal reduces its value as an industrial fuel?

91024. Which of the following types of coal 'contains over 90 percent carbon and is smokeless?

91025. Which of the following are true regarding equinoxes: 1. They occur on March 21st and September 23rd; 2. They depict equal days and All places on the earth have equal temperature during equinoxes 3. equal nights on March 21st and September 23rd on all places of the earth;

91026. Spring tide occurs when?

91027. The largest fish exporting region in the world is?

91028. Which of the following countries is by far the richest Coal producing nation in continental Europe?

91029. Which of the following rivers is shared by the largest number of States?

91030. The Ganga Basin encompasses an area of about sq. Ian in India alone?

91031. Which of the following States abounds in Black soil?

91032. Which of the following soils has the characteristic of being generally clayey, deep and impermeable?

91033. The Red soils develop a reddish colour due to?

91034. The highest annual range of temperature i.e. 65°Cis recorded at?

91035. Which one of the following land forms is not made by wind erosion?

91036. Which of the following is the smallest ocean of the world?

91037. In the east of India lies the peninsula?

91038. The land that consists of homogenous geographical feature is known as?

91039. The region that has agriculture, industries and -human resources as its basis is known as __ region?

91040. The latitude that goes across India is?

91041. The largest canyon in the world is?

91042. The land lying south of the Tropic of Cancer is known as the?

91043. Which one of the following states has the longest coastline?

91044. India is a peninsula because?

91045. Landforms, structure of rocks, drainage, climate, natural vegetation and soils form the bases for region?

91046. The northwest of Peninsular India is the?

91047. The season that prevails between March and September in India is?

91048. The region that receives high rainfall from Arabian sea branch of the monsoon is?

91049. As we go higher and higher from the mean sea level, the temperature _?

91050. ….require high temperature and low rainfall for their growth?

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