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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1850

92501. Name the only woman who was in the list of Azhwars?

92502. Who wrote Sivagnanabotham?

92503. What is Adi Sankara's philosophy?

92504. What is the basis of Saiva Siddhanta?

92505. Where was Ramanuja born?

92506. Who wrote Thiruvasakam?

92507. In which temple Sankara sang Soundarya Lahari?

92508. Who first translated Bible into Tamil?

92509. Who established modern religious principles?

92510. Name the Azhwar who lived during Pallava times?

92511. Which king was responsible for compilation of Thevaram?

92512. Nichiren Buddhism is also called?

92513. The religious order established by Mother Teresa is called?

92514. The Muslim population in the world is?

92515. Nirankaris follow the religion of?

92516. The central shrine of Shintoism is at?

92517. The great Aurangzeb belonged to the sect of?

92518. Akbar the Great started a new religion called?

92519. For centuries, Christians and Muslims fought religious wars which are called?

92520. One of the great sects among the Christians is the sect of Ron Wt Catholics who accept the superiority of the Pope while the other major sect is?

92521. The sect of Christians who migrated to America because they could not put up with the religious tyranny of the majority sect, was?

92522. The writer who epitomized the religious exodus of the British to America in his immortal ' Pilgrim's Progress' was?

92523. The great British king who participated in the religious wars of the medieval world between the Muslims and the Christians was?

92524. Muslims wage a war against Non-Muslims. It is called?

92525. The most gratifying feature of Islam is?

92526. When Mohammed became the Prophet, his first disciple and follower was?

92527. Jesus Christ was crucified during the rule of the?

92528. Jesus came to life again after his death. Itis called?

92529. Lord Buddha condemned idol worship. But there is a sect among the Buddhists who practice idol worship and worship the image of Lord Buddha as God, known as?

92530. There are two sects among the Jains; one of them is Svethambaras. The other one is?

92531. Jainism preached ahimsa, which is also one of the important tenets of?

92532. The Jains were perfect architects. Their architecture can be seen even now in?

92533. The sacred book of the Sikhs is?

92534. The sacred book of the Jews is?

92535. The place where the Jews worship is called?

92536. Kabir, a Muslim weaver believed in one of the tenets of Hinduism called?

92537. Hindusim has no prescribed text. Vedas, Upanishads are all complementary. Bhagavad Gita which is universally acclaimed as the greatest work on Hinduism insists that?

92538. In Kanakadhara Stotram, Adi Sankara prayed to?

92539. In one of the Tolstoy's stories an unknown visitor seems to say to the poor cobbler: "You have given me food when I was hungry, given me drink when I was thirsty." Who do you think, the visitor was?

92540. The religion of the Jews is called?

92541. According to Hindu Mythology, the God of nature's beauty is Vasantha. But the Roman mythology speaks of a goddess of flowers who is called?

92542. According to Hindu mythology, the God of Gods is Indra. But according to Roman mythology he is called?

92543. The Romans had also a God of Oceans who is called?

92544. Hinduism believes that birth, growth and death are the 3 phases of life. Though God is one- 'ekonarayanah', when he takes up these 3 phases of activity, we have 3 aspects of God whom we call Thrimurthi. His activity in the 3rd phase is?

92545. According to Hinduism, Prakriti is inactive, Purusha is active. The union of the two Prakiti and Purusha results in?

92546. As in the case of Trinity of Gods, so is in man, there are three distinct parts. One is body, the 2nd is mind and the 3rd one is?

92547. Dvaita theory enunciates that divine soul and human soul are distinct and that man's soul finally?

92548. Advaita theory enunciates that divine soul and human soul are one and that after emancipation human soul finally?

92549. There is a series of stories where the main theme is that Buddha is born again and again to enlighten generations of people. They are known as?

92550. The last in the succession of Jain a Tirthankaras was?

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