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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1979

98951. The author of the book, 'When a Great Tradition Modernizes'?

98952. Who edited the book 'Village India: Studies in the Little Community'?

98953. Who is the author of the book 'The Hindu Jajmani System' first published in 1936?

98954. What is the complete title of Darwin's Book 'The Descent of Man' published in1871?

98955. Who amongst the following is the author of the book "The God of Small Things" ?

98956. Who wrote 'A Passage to India'?

98957. Which of the following books was written by Arundhati Roy?

98958. The author of Arthasasthra:

98959. Mahabashya was written by

98960. My Unforgettable Memories is the autobiography of

98961. Who is the author of the book "Revolution 2020?

98962. The New Encyclopaedia Britannica consists of

98963. Atlases are the

98964. The famous work 'Old man and the Sea' is written by:

98965. Keralam Malayalikalude Mathrubhoomi' was written by

98966. 'Kesavante Vilapangal'is written by:

98967. ' The Interpretation of Dreams' is written by :

98968. 'One Life' is written by:

98969. Ramanan was written by

98970. Umakeralam was written by

98971. Service Story was written by

98972. My Struggles was written by

98973. Jeevithasamaram was written by

98974. Ente Nadukadathal was written by

98975. Who wrote the book Malabar Manual

98976. The author of Das Kapital is

98977. The author of War and Peace

98978. Kerala Panineeyam is a work on Malayalam Grammar written by .........

98979. 'Unfinished Dream' is a book written by

98980. 'Keralam Malayalikalude Mathrubhoomi' was written by

98981. 'The Interpretation of Dreams' is written by

98982. 'One Life' is written by

98983. The Mobile Wallet services M-Pesa has been introduced by Vodafone in partnership with :

98984. Customer Retention can be ensured by

98985. A very large market segment or wide collection of smaller segments is called

98986. Electrical goods such as TVs, videos, stereo systems etc, used for home entertainment,are known as

98987. An audio or video advertising announcement, usually presented on television,radio or in a movie theatre, is called

98988. A company's ability to perform in one or more ways that competitorscannot or will not match is known as its

98989. Good customer service is an extended arm of

98990. The collective perceptions and impressions people have formed about an organisation,its products and/or its services, is known as its

98991. KYC means

98992. 'Prospect' means

98993. A 'Call' means

98994. Mass communication with customers or potential customers, usually throughpaid public media, is known as

98995. The segmentation of markets based on the gender of the customer is a type of

98996. The concept of selling is different from marketing and aims at profitmaximisation through

98997. Using a customer's buying history to select them for related offers is known as

98998. Delivery Channels means

98999. The target group for Home Loans is

99000. The best, important and central activity of a business is known as its

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