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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1986

99301. Which article of the constitution provides for the formation of the Finance Commission ?

99302. Who is the guardian of Fundamental rights in India ?

99303. Universal Adult Franchise creates :

99304. What is the total number of members in Rajya Sabha?

99305. The membership of Lok Sabha is distributed among the states and union territories so as to ensure proper representation of the population of the states and union territories. What is the total number of members elected from Kerala to the Lok Sabha?

99306. The Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of India:

99307. How many Union Territories are there in the Indian Union?

99308. How many fundamental rights does the Indian Constitution grants?

99309. The executive of the union of India is vested in the:

99310. Indian Union has the power to make laws on?

99311. Who is the Chairman of the newly constituted Constitution Review Commission ?

99312. The Article related with special privilege of Jammu and Kashmir

99313. Which one of the following is not a fundamental right ?

99314. Pick out one correct example for volatile memory from the following:

99315. Green wavy underlines below the words in MS Word document indicate:

99316. The proclamation of emergency brings automatic suspension of the right to

99317. The Governor can nominate to the Legislative Council of his state one member from this community

99318. Which article of the constitution provides for the formation of the Finance Commission?

99319. Who is the guardian of Fundamental rights in India?

99320. Which among the following is not a way for acquisition of citizenship in India?

99321. The nomination of members in the Rajya sabha by the President was borrowed by the Constitution of India from :

99322. The number of members nominated by the princely states to the Constituent Assembly were :

99323. The National Commission for women was constituted in :

99324. Obiter Dicta is :

99325. A member of the State Public Service Commission may resign his office by writing addressed to :

99326. The President of India may sometimes simply keep a Bill on his table indefinitely without giving or refusing assent. This is :

99327. The Article in the Indian Constitution which prohibits intoxicating drinks and drugs :

99328. Who was appointed as the advisor of the Constituent assembly?

99329. The constitution first Amendment Act sought to :

99330. As per which Article of the Indian Constitution the Presidential Rule can be introduced in States?

99331. Who can dissolve the Rajya Sabha?

99332. The chief minister is not responsible for :

99333. The constituent Assembly was set in under the :

99334. Fundamental Rights are borrowed from the constitution of

99335. If the position of President and Vice- president are vacant who officiates?

99336. The court order which literally means to have the body is

99337. Who was the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly which enacted ,adopted and signed the Constitution of India?

99338. The shape and appearance of letters,numbers and special characters are called:

99339. One of the following is not possible by pressing enter key:

99340. We can move througha document from top to bottom and from bottom to top by using

99341. The default alighnment for paragraph is:

99342. What is the correct method to select a group of words in a word document?

99343. What is the name of the Supreme Court decision in which guidelines are laid down to prevent sexual harassment to working women?

99344. In which situation the unnatural death of a woman will be deemed to be dowry death ?

99345. Time limit for registration of birth is:

99346. Which one of the following information is exempted from disclosure ?

99347. First step in the control of a communicable disease is:

99348. The first Law Officer of Government of India

99349. Number of deaths from puerperal causes per 1000 live births is called:

99350. Riehest source of vitamin C is:

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