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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1996

99801. 'Nil Darpan' is a Bengali play on the problems of :

99802. Noutanki is the dance form of which Indian state :

99803. Hari Prasad Chorasya is famous in which field :

99804. Which one of the following is essentially a solo dance?

99805. The largesl Mosque In India the Juma Masjid was built by

99806. The classic dance of Orissa:

99807. Which dance form is known as Poetry in motion?

99808. Which language has been accepted recently as the classical language?

99809. Arangukanatha Nadan- Whose Autobiography is this?

99810. Kautilya defines Arthasathra as a branch of knowledge that teaches how to :

99811. Who is the grand daughter of Thakazhi Shiva Shankara Pillai who has distinguished herself as a novelist in England?

99812. The philosophy of Adwaita is assosiated to :

99813. The Veda which deals with music.

99814. Here Pappa Comes is the painting of:

99815. Zionism is a world movement of :

99816. Who was the most notable figure in the field of music in medieval India?

99817. Among the following which one cannot be considered as a Muslim art form of Kerala?

99818. Name the great composer who is known as the Father of Carnatic Music.

99819. The earliest known treatise of Indian music, dance and drama is 'Bharata's Natya Shastra'. To which period of the Indian history does it belong?

99820. Could between 1-5 years is considered to be malnourished,if the Midarm circumference is less than:

99821. Which one of the following is a Pratiloma marriage?

99822. Sravanabelgola is associated with :

99823. The major difference between Varna and Jati is that :

99824. Which is oldest of all Vedas?

99825. "Ustad Bismillah Khan" is related to

99826. Who is the Chairman of Kerala Sahitya Academy ?

99827. The founder of "Samatva Samajam"

99828. The Upanishads are

99829. Konark Sun Temple or Black Pagoda is situated in the state of

99830. Formula used for the paediatric dosage of medication for children under the age of one year is:

99831. Which is the angle of insertion for intramuscular injection?

99832. Which famous Indian artist accepted Qatari citizenship in February 2010 ?

99833. Dr. Hermann Gundert who enriched Malayalam language is a

99834. Robert Bristow is the architect of the port at:

99835. The painting Mysore Khedda was drawn by:

99836. Din-i-llahi is a religion founded by:

99837. Ajmer in Rajasthan is a great pilgrim centre of

99838. The subject matter of Ajanta paintings pertains to:

99839. The proponent and propagandist of the art of living is

99840. The founder of Kerala Kalamandalam.

99841. The writer known by the pen name `Sanjayan' is

99842. A Musician of Kerala, who could sing in all the six -beating times, was

99843. `Sopana Sangeetham' was known as

99844. `Dhrupad' is a

99845. `Kishangarh' painting emerged in

99846. Which vedic rite takes the name for 'Horse Sacrifice'?

99847. `Dassi Aattom' was the old name for

99848. UNESCO has recognised a performing art form of India as 'a masterpiece of intangible cultural heritage'. What is it?

99849. YAKSHAGANA is a popular folk art of :

99850. ................. is a well known flute exponent.

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