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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2055

102751. The famous song " Omana Thinkal Kidavo " is written by .............

102752. Who created the charector ' Hercule Poirot'

102753. The Authord "Prithvi Raj Raso" was

102754. The segment of money market which pertains to day-to-day funds requirements of the bank is known as ..

102755. All those persons who are engaged in selling or marketing mutual fund products are required to obtain certification from

102756. Commercial Paper (CP) is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of a promissory note. Commercial paper can be issued in denominations of :

102757. A customers requirement about any product in which he/she needs to avail core features in that product, is called :

102758. Market price is also known as :

102759. Relationship marketing is also known as :

102760. With which of the following FMC related in financial parlance ?

102761. What is Capital Market ?

102762. BCG model is based on product life cycle theory.

102763. A strategy of pricing involves using prick in a competitive weapon in order to push competitors out of market or eliminate competitors.

102764. What is the full form of SBU in marketing

102765. People differ greatly in their readiness to try new products. Which of the following do not belong to the adapter categorization on the basis of relation time of adopter of innovatiors

102766. GATT is more than 60 years old treaty designed to promote world trade by reducing tariff and other international trade barriers. GATT stands for ..

102767. is the development, interpretation and communication of decision oriented information to be used in all phases of marketing process.

102768. The internet version of word of mouth marketing is termed as :

102769. Which demographic segmentation divides buyers into different groups based on social class, lifestyle or personality characteristics

102770. We can say that a has three characteristics. (1) It is significant contribution to advantage in that it makes a significant contribution to perceived customer benefits (2) It has application in a wide variety of markets, and (3) It is difficult for competitors to imitate.

102771. The total combined customer value of all the companys current and potential customers is called.

102772. An estimate the total financial value of the brand is ..

102773. If a company focuses on only one or a few market segments instead of small share of a large market, the same is

102774. Under which of the following company orientations toward the market place would we expect to get better economical talacy

102775. If a MNC like Nestle varied the elements of the marketing mix to suit the countries in which it sold its products, which type of strategy would it be following

102776. The unplanned static or distortion during the communication process, which results in the receivers getting a different message then the one that the sender sent is the .

102777. Michael Porter has identified five forces that determine the intrinsic long-run attractiveness of a market segment. Which of the following would not be among Porters five forces

102778. According to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs, sense of belonging is grouped in

102779. Greater consumer control means, that, in building customer relationships, companies can no longer rely on marketing by intrusion. The most practice marketing is ..

102780. Especially in large firms, a sales force frequently is specialized in some organizational fashion. Which of the following is not one of such specialization

102781. Button market is where ..

102782. The customers evaluation of the difference between all the benefits and all the costs of a market offering relative to those of competing offers is called

102783. The philosophy of product centered marketing concept is :

102784. When backed by buying power, wants become .

102785. TQM approach in which all the people of the company are involved in constantly improving the performance of products, services and business processes. TQM stands for

102786. Based on the rates firms play in the target market in a specific industry, they are classified as following except in a :

102787. The want satisfying power of a product is called its.

102788. Low prices on products for which you have accurate price knowledge lets you know what the product has to be a bargain. This type of pricing is termed as .

102789. A group of tradition bound consumers who are the tool to adopt an innovation is called

102790. A strategy in which the initial price of the product is set low in relation to the target markets range of expected prices is termed as

102791. The measure of the brands ability to capture consumer performance and loyalty is termed as .

102792. Marketing management is defined as

102793. Cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about a product or service to others in their communities is .

102794. Situation in which a firm introduces new products to stimulate sales but the profit comes at the expense of other products sold by that firm is called

102795. Mutual Funds are regulated in the country by

102796. . Is the study of how individuals, groups and organizations select, buy, use and dispose of goods, services, ideas or experience to satisfy their needs and wants.

102797. The discomfort caused by postpurchase conflict is called :

102798. The .. stage of a product is characterized as being one where there is period of rapid climb in sales and substantial profit improvement.

102799. Which of the following describes the tendency of people to interpret information in a way that will support what they already believe

102800. Major oil producers carry on an oil exploration, oil drilling, oil refining, chemical manufacture and service-station operation, when an organization does all of these seperate tasks distribution channel they can be said to have achieved what is called ............

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