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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2056

102801. All of the following are considered to be broad market-follower strategies EXCEPT

102802. Which of the following is not a characteristic important in influencing an innovators rate of adoption

102803. .is not a stage of product life cycle in marketing.

102804. The process of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers who have different needs, characteristics or behaviours and who might require separate products or marketing programs is called.

102805. A tangible product that the consumer feels comfortable purchasing without gathering additional information and then actually buys with minimum of effort is termed a(n):

102806. Marketing is influenced by :

102807. Market segmentation is useful for.

102808. Service marketing is

102809. Niche marketing can be done for:

102810. Innovation in marketing is same as :

102811. Which of the following financial markets facilitates issue of new securities?

102812. Which of the following is a process of dividing the potential market into sub-markets with common needs?

102813. Shares of a ended fund are trading at 5% premium over NAV. If NAV is INR 20,000 per share the market price of the share is

102814. The term CRM used in business strategy development means..

102815. ..is central to any definition of marketing.

102816. When consumers may share a strong need that cannot be satisfied by an existing product, it is known as..

102817. Which stage in product the cycle focuses on expanding marketing and creating product awareness?

102818. Investors buy and sell shares in publicly leaded companies in

102819. What is the present RBIs Bank Rate?

102820. Penicillin inhibits synthesis of

102821. The mandate of the scheme titled 'Directly observed treatment,short course' launched by WHO is to ensure that

102822. The quality of protein is assessed by comparison to the "reference protein" which is

102823. The progressive dehydration of indigestible material and organic wastes prior to the climination from the body is called

102824. Which of the following instructions should a nurse given to a patient who is 26 weeks pregnant and complains of constipation

102825. Breastfeeding is contraindicated if the mother is taking

102826. A bill is deemed to be a money bill but if it has any provisions dealing with 1.imposition,abolition,remission,alteration or regulation of any tax 2.appropriation of money from Consolidated Fund of India 3.imposition of fines or other pecuniary penalties 4.payment of fees for licenses or fee for services rendered Select the correct answer using codes below

102827. The Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is

102828. The five-year plan of india was launched in

102829. The first Indian Governor-General of free India was

102830. The Finance Minister of India in 2010 was

102831. The speaker of Lok Sabha in 2010 was

102832. Which article of the Constitution of India gives Provision to set up village panchayats

102833. The National Rural Employment Guaranteed Programme came into force to provide 100 days of employment in

102834. Grants-in-aid to the states by the Center are provided with the objective of

102835. In which year seats were reserved for women in local bodies in Tamil Nadu

102836. The most dominat contributor to GDP in recent years is

102837. A national emergency remains in operation, with the approval of the Parliament, for :

102838. The normal term of office of a member of the Rajya Sabha is

102839. A National Emergency under Article 352 remains in operation, with the approval of the parliament, for

102840. In the event of the resignation of death of the Prime Minister

102841. When the annual Union Budget is not passed by the Lok Sabha

102842. The authorization for the withdrawal of funds from the Consolidated Fund of India must come from

102843. When was the Warsaw convention?

102844. How many members are elected from Tamil Nadu to Rajya Sabha

102845. One of the following statement is true about amending procedures in India-Identify

102846. The power to levy an estate duty in respect of non-agricultural land belongs to

102847. Who was the speaker of Eleventh Lok Sabha

102848. Zero hour is the innovation in the parliamentary procedure of

102849. The parliament of India consists of :

102850. Agriculture

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