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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2063

103151. Protection of Interest of minorities is envisaged in which article ?

103152. Which state was not a Union Territory before it was accorded the status of Full Fledged State ?

103153. The prescribed feature for the amendment of the provisions of the Indian Constitution has been borrowed from .

103154. What is the maximum strength of Supreme Court ?

103155. In the Indian National Flag, what does Asoka’s wheel represent ?

103156. As per rules, government has to get all money bills related to the union budget passed within days of the presentation of the budget.

103157. A federal structure of India was first put forward by which of the following act ?

103158. .. is for larger Urban area

103159. The National E-governance plan approved by the Cabinet in

103160. After Independence which state was first to be established ?

103161. Who among the following is not a member of the cabinet ?

103162. is the first law officer of India

103163. The Federation System in India has been borrowed from which country’s constitution ?

103164. Right to Information become an act in

103165. Municipal Council is for .

103166. The Block consists of . villages

103167. The first Lok Adalat was held in Gujarat in .

103168. Under .. the constitution declares Delhi as the seat of the Supreme Court

103169. The Public Accounts Committee was set up first in

103170. Adhoc Committees are created for ..

103171. The budget is a statement of the estimated receipts and expenditure of the government of India in a financial year, which begins on .

103172. Every ordinary bill has to pass through . stages in the Parliament

103173. Which of the following can’t be introduced in the Rajya Sabha ?

103174. The Bills may be classified under ..

103175. How many joint setting have been held in the history of Indian Parliament till now ?

103176. Who was the Ex-Officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha ?

103177. The first general election of India held in ..

103178. Lower House is also known as .

103179. For appointment as a judge to the high court should have been an advocate of a High Court for at least .

103180. The Supreme Court and High Court use the English language as per ..

103181. The Panchayats which were formed after 1977 are known as ..

103182. An Electronic voting machines were first used in .

103183. For the first time which state is adopted the 3 level structure of Panchayati raj ?

103184. Community Development Programme was started in .

103185. How many Zonal Councils are there in India originally ?

103186. Legislative council is otherwise called as

103187. At present only states have a bicameral legislature

103188. is a permanent body and not subjected to dissolution.

103189. Who can hold either independent charge or attached to a Cabinet Minister ?

103190. ..is the only person,who won the Election of the President as an independent candidate in 1969.

103191. Security deposits for the nomination as president is.. in RBI

103192. Article 75 says that the Prime Minister  shall be appointed by the .

103193. First emergency was declared in due to Chinese Agression

103194. Government withdraw coins of denomination of and below from circulation with effect from 30 June 2011

103195. Who had the longest tenure of 12 years as president ?

103196. National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution(NCRWC) report in recommended to implement the Justice Verma Committee recommendations

103197. DPSP resembles the Instrument of Instruction’enumerated in the ..

103198. . is the first Bengali to be elected as President

103199. Narendra Damodardas Modi is the . Prime Minister of India.

103200. The oath of the President is administered by the.

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