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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2062

103101. Zonal Councils are associated with which article ?

103102. The Chairman and other member of UPSC are appointed by ..

103103. The NOTA option was first used in the assembly election of five states in

103104. The Symbol of Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) is

103105. The 98 Amendment Act 2012 provided a special provisions for the state of .

103106. Which amendment made Sikkim as a state of the Indian Union ?

103107. The 31st Amendment 1973 increased elective strength of Lok Sabha from .. to 545

103108. Which act was amended in 1967 to make the use of English in addition to Hindi compulsory in certain cases

103109. The Article deals with the protection of President, Governor and Rajpramukha

103110. Under which article of the constitution of India, it is stated that “ The Gov of India may sue or sued by the name of Union of India”

103111. was the basis of reorganization of states in India in the year 1956

103112. Suffrage means ..

103113. Pranab Mukherjee was elected as .. president of India on 22nd July 2012

103114. is the head to transact the business of the Lok Sabha

103115. Taxes on professions can be levied by

103116. The Legislative Council is a permanent body and cannot be dissolved, each member of the Legislative Council serves for a . term

103117. Haryana was formed on on the recommendation of the parliamentary committee

103118. Fascism believe in ..

103119. If Parliament appoint a committee for a special purpose, it is known as

103120. . is custodian of Indian Constitution

103121. Who was the first to use the term State’ ?

103122. An ordinance issued by the Governor without the approval of the State Legislative shall be effective for a period of ..

103123. The Lokayukta and Upalokayukta Act was first passed in .

103124. . is an example for Plural executive

103125. From which language the term Democracy’  has been derived ?

103126. In which year Sikkim added to the North Eastern Council ?

103127. How many readings were held on the Constitution in the Constitution in the Constitution Assembly ?

103128. Maintenance of Internal Security Act(MISA) was repealed in

103129. . are essential for liberty

103130. Which state became the first state  to enact the Food Security Act ?

103131. The Principle of equal pay for equal work’ placed in which Article ?

103132. In which year the practice of presenting the railway budget separate from the general budget started ?

103133. How many  states are part of the North Eastern Council ?

103134. . language was included in the 8th Schedule by Constitution , 21st amendment Bill ?

103135. Constitution of Jammu Kashmir came into force on

103136. JVP Committee is related to

103137. A non Statutory minority commission was established in ..

103138. In the National Flag which colour represents Spirit of Renunciation ?

103139. Jurisdiction of .. high court covers the Union Territory of Lakshadweep

103140. What is the appropriate size of  Table Flags as per Code of India 2002 ?

103141. Under which High Court does the Pondicherry Judiciary come ?

103142. Who was the first chairman of  National Commission for Women ?

103143. Department of Border Management function under which of the following ministries of GOI ?

103144. Article 213 is very similar to that of .

103145. Which part of the Constitution has only one Article ?

103146. In the National Flag Green Colour represents

103147. In the Constituent Assembly .. seats were fixed for House of People

103148. The Maximum number of Lok Sabha seats from which state ?

103149. Which article is deal with the Finance Commission ?

103150. Taxes on minerals rights come under ..

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