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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2069

103451. South Korea to host the Paralympic Winter Games in

103452. Name of the 00 Longitude:

103453. 2018 football World Cup to be held in

103454. The longest beach in India:

103455. India to host the FIFA U-17 world cup in which year ?

103456. In which state is the Kaziranga National Park?

103457. The 2018 Commonwealth Games will be held in

103458. The orange city of India:

103459. 2016 Mens Hockey Junior World Cup to be held in which city of India ?

103460. The location of the Sun Temple:

103461. India’s first day-night Test was held in which stadium ?

103462. The book containing International Flight Schedules:

103463. 2022 Asian Games will be held in which of the following countries ?

103464. The first tourist destination of India:

103465. The 2018 Asian Games to be held in

103466. Where is the Surajkund craft mela held?

103467. 2026 Asian Games will be hosted by which country ?

103468. Who are the members of ICAO?

103469. Pranaav Jerry Chopra from India related to which Sport ?

103470. The first travel agent in the world:

103471. The Race driver Max Emilian Verstappen from which country ?

103472. VFR is classified under which travel motivation?

103473. The Fifth Asian Beach Games hosted by which of the following country ?

103474. Which type of code is VGML?

103475. 2016 Kabaddi World Cup being held in which country ?

103476. A place famous for village tourism:

103477. The professional tennis player Maria Yuryevna Sharapova belongs to

103478. The colour of an official passport:

103479. Indian player Siddharth Parikh is related to

103480. The currency of Thailand:

103481. The Chess player Aakanksha Hagawane from which of the following country ?

103482. Where is the Eiffel tower situated?

103483. Zulfadli bin Zulkiffli is associated with

103484. Manali is famous for which type of tourism?

103485. A Tennis player  Agnieszka Radwańska belongs to which country ?

103486. The capital of Germany:

103487. Aaron Pryor is related to which sport ?

103488. What does a Global Indicator show?

103489. Tillakaratne Mudiyanselage Dilshan belongs to which country ?

103490. The full form of NUC:

103491. Purav Raja is related to which sport ?

103492. In which state is the Jog falls?

103493. Sania Mirza teamup with Barbora Strýcová. She is from which country ?

103494. The validity of an Indian Passport:

103495. Abhijeet Gupta is associated with

103496. Where is the Bharathpur bird sanctuary?

103497. Thami Lungisa Tsolekile is a cricketer from which country ?

103498. CCU is the 3 letter code of which place?

103499. Devendra Jhajharia is related to which sport ?

103500. The highest airport in India:

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