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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2070

103501. Deepa Malik is related to

103502. The animal protected at Eravikulam national park:

103503. Ankur Dhama associated with which sport ?

103504. Where is the Ratholsavam held?

103505. Pooja Khanna is related to

103506. The oldest airline in the world:

103507. Thangavelu is related to which sport ?

103508. The full form of SSR:

103509. PR Sreejesh is related to which Sport ?

103510. What is the motivation of a tourist coming to watch Kathakali?

103511. Who among the following is related to Swimming ?

103512. The places included in the Golden Triangle:

103513. Annu Rani is related to

103514. The convention resulted in the formation of IATA:

103515. Niranjan Mukundan is related to which Sport ?

103516. Miami is famous for which type of tourism?

103517. Who among the following is related to Badminton?

103518. Where did the Grand Tour take place?

103519. The Cricketer Dwayne Bravo belongs to which country ?

103520. Which is a private airline in India?

103521. Sushila Chanu is related to

103522. The official name for Howrah bridge:

103523. Who is related to Running ?

103524. The full form of TIM:

103525. Vivek Teja is related to which of the following ?

103526. A person who travels to a place for less than 24 hours:

103527. Narsingh Yadav is related to which Sport ?

103528. A hotel meant for people travelling by automobiles:

103529. The 2019 Cricket World Cup will be hosted by ..

103530. The father of Indian Civil aviation:

103531. Which country to host the 2018 Commonwealth Judo Championships ?

103532. The mode of travel of a cruise:

103533. 2016 Summer Olympic Games will be hosted by which country ?

103534. Which is an international organization?

103535. The first South Asian Games were hosted by in 1984

103536. A journey in which the origin and destination of a passenger are not the same

103537. 2016 South Asian Games was held in .

103538. Which is considered to be a basic component of tourism?

103539. was approved as the host of the 2018 Asian games by Olympic Council of Asia executive board on September 19, 2014

103540. A halting place between the origin and destination of a passenger:

103541. 2019 Copa America will be held in .

103542. A tour form own country to a foreign country:

103543. 2019 Asian Cup, to be hosted by which of the following country ?

103544. The first space tourist in the world:

103545. 2018 FIFA World Cup to be held in .

103546. The house boats in Jammu and Kashmir:

103547. 2018 Commonwealth Games to be held in which country ?

103548. Who has been appointed as India’s Governor on the board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank?

103549. ..is a professional player of English billiards

103550. For how many years Hyderabad will be the capital of Telengana and Andrapradesh?

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