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106901. How far is Point S from Point T I. Point S is 5m north of Point K. Point G is 4m to the east of Point S. Point P is 2.5 m to the north of Point G. Point R is 5.5m to the west of Point P. Point T is 2.5m to the south of Point R. II. Point T is 5m to the east of Point L. Point Z is 10m to the east of Point T. Points S and G lie between points Z and L, such that points Z, G, S and L form a straight line.

106902. Study the given information carefully to answer the given questions. It is only because of the absence of Kodal pulses in the diet of the younger generation, that the incidence of Zyver disease has drastically shot up across the country- Dr. XYZ. Which of the following can be inferred from the Doctors statement (An inference is something by which you can logically deduce something to be true based on known promises.)

106903. Study the given information carefully to answer the given question. A camera manufacturing company Puello brought a grim fate for the existing market leader Zenon within five months of its launch. According to Puellos Marketing head, Zenon perished only because it could not update its cameras as per the recent technological advancements. Which of the following statements negates the remark made by Puellos Marketing head

106904. If in Step IV, 72 interchanges its position with micro and morales also interchanges its position with 91 then which element will be to the immediate right of 91

106905. Which element is fourth to the left of one which is ninth from the left and in the second last step

106906. If in the last step, 2 is added to each of the odd numbers and 1 is subtracted from each of the even numbers, then how many numbers multiple of 3 will be formed

106907. Which of the following combinations represent the sixth and eighth element in Step II of the given input from left end

106908. Which element comes exactly between morales and make in Step III of the given input

106909. In which of the following expressions does the expression L=T definitely hold true

106910. Who amongst the following sits third to the right of T

106911. Who amongst the following sits exactly between R and P when counted from the left of P

106912. Who amongst the following faces the centre

106913. Which of the following statements regarding V is definitely correct

106914. If it is given that Q is the father of V, then what is the position of Q with respect to Qs son-in-law

106915. How many people sit between Q and Vs daughter when counted from the left of Q

106916. Statements : No text is a font. Some fonts are scripts. Some scripts are essays. All essays are chapters. Conclusions :

106917. Statements : Some logos are patents. All patents are copyrights. Some copyrights are trademarks. No copyright is goodwill. Conclusions :

106918. Read the given information and answer the question. There has been a sudden increase in the patients suffering from Fugosis- a life threatening communicable disease, in the past three months in Country S. Doctor X- This disease is mainly spreading because of the meat eaters in the country. This can be said because till now the virus causing the disease has been largely found only in meat and meat products. Which of the following strengthens the statements of Doctor X

106919. Statements : All streets are paths. Some streets are roads. All roads are trails. Conclusions: I. All trails being paths is a possibility. II. Atleast some paths are roads.

106920. Statements : Some urns are jugs. All jugs are vessels. No vessel is a plate. Conclusions : I. Some plates being jugs is a possibility. II. All urns can never be plates.

106921. Statements : Some shows are plays. Some plays are movies. No movie is theatre. Conclusions : I. All movies are plays. II. Some shows are definitely not theatres.

106922. Read the following paragraph and answer the question which follows. Fighting the disease reincer is never easy for anyone. However, finding an insurance to be financially prepared for it, definitely is. For the disease requiring a minimum of INR 60 lakh worth medical expenditure, our insurance scheme offers INR 5 lakhs every year for first five years followed by INR 10 lakhs every subsequent yearAn advertisement by an insurance company. Which of the following statements would prove that the insurance policy is flawed in its approach (A) The disease although serious and cash intensive, is total only in 23% of the cases. (B) 75% of the entire amount for treatment is required in the first two of years of contracting the disease. (C) Expenses for treatment of the disease do not fluctuate much based on the intensity of disease and the type of hospitals. (D) If treated within 4 years of contracting the disease, the patient can be completely cured of the disease for life.

106923. Which of the following movies does D like

106924. Who amongst the following works in ADMIN

106925. Which combination represents the department that C works in and the movie he likes

106926. As per the given arrangement, ADMIN is related to X-Men and PR is related to Memento in a certain way. To which of the following is ACC related to in the same way

106927. Read the following information and answer the given questions. Workers of JNT Manufactures decided to go on strike claiming that the management failed to comply with the safety and welfare norms for workers. Which of the following statements does not weaken the workers claims

106928. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to the group

106929. Which of the following cars does E own

106930. Who amongst the following lives exactly between H and the one who owns Brio

106931. Which of the following is an injectable progestin?

106932. Which of the following expressions is true if the expression PTQSMW is definitely ture

106933. Which of the following may represent better and improved in the given code language

106934. Code for which of the following cannot be definitely known

106935. If must bring change is written as op la tu, then how will bring peace here be possibly coded in the given code language

106936. What does gm stand for

106937. Which of the following is needed to arrive at a code for little

106938. Who amongst the following sit at extreme ends of the rows

106939. R is related to Indore in the same way as C is related to Jaipur based on the given arrangement. To who amongst the following is T related to following the same pattern

106940. Which of the following is true regarding C

106941. T is from which of the following cities

106942. Who amongst the following faces the person from Hydreabad

106943. Read the given information and answer the question. Company S has launched its stores in Country Y just a month ago and is selling garments at less than 50% cost as compared to the leading garment stores in the country. However, even before Company S could establish itself in the country, there have been many protests against the same.

106944. Statements : L J U P D P U T Conclusions : I. L T II. D J

106945. Statements : S T P = D PM RM Conclusions : I. D R II. R=D

106946. Statements : S T P = D PM RM Conclusions : I. M S II D S

106947. Statement : It is not true that the mightiest superpower always wins and gets accolades from other countries. Assumptions : Winners are sometimes admired and appreciated. Winners are occasionally criticised.

106948. Statement : The Government of India has decided to start a track II dialogue with its neighbour to reduce tension in the area. Assumptions : The neighbouring country may agree to participate in the track II dialogue. The people involved in track II dialogue may b able to persuade their respective Governments.

106949. Statement : Amans mother instructed him to return home by train if it rains heavily. Assumptions : Aman may not be able to decide himself if it rains heavily. The trains may ply even if it rains heavily.

106950. statement : A foreign film producer rendered his apology before Indian society for misinterpreting a part of Indian epic. Assumptions : Indians are very sensitive to the misinterpretation of their epic. It is possible to derive wrong meaning from the epic.

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