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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2156

107801. Shakespeare is famous -----------a playwright

107802. The ideal pulp for the manufacture of paper should have high

107803. The octane number of gasoline is increased by the addition of

107804. Which of the following is a detergent

107805. Catalyst used in hydrogenation of oil is

107806. Detergents are manufactured from

107807. If you come late:

107808. The prime minister--------for USA tomorrow

107809. Oil is

107810. Gypsum is

107811. The more you work:

107812. Which of the following glasses is optically important for their high index of refraction and dispersion

107813. Contact process

107814. Catalyst used in manufacture of sulphuric acid by chamber and contact processes are respectively

107815. Who was the first woman Prime Minister of Denmark?

107816. The word means “One who knows everything”:

107817. The first metallic coin used in India, (first by Indo -Greeks) was in?

107818. A classifier is a device that

107819. With increase in the capacity of screens the effectiveness

107820. For the preliminary breaking of hard rock, we use

107821. Which of the following is in the passive form?

107822. The operating speed of a ball mill should be ............. the critical speed.

107823. Which sentence is in the correct order?

107824. By the time the manager arrived:

107825. Crushing efficiency is the ratio of

107826. A low continuous sound:

107827. The opening of 200 mesh screen (Taylor series) is

107828. What is the British equivalent to the underlined word?The drapes in my bedrooms are beautiful

107829. Air has 21 % oxygen and 79 % nitrogen by volume. What is the average molecular weight ? (Atomic weight of O = 16, N =14)

107830. (-5/7)6/(-5/7)3=

107831. An ideal solution obeys

107832. The equivalent weight of an element or a compound is equal to

107833. All oxidation reactions are

107834. Equation Cp-Cv=R is true for

107835. In a textile mill, a double effect evaporator system concentrates weak liquor containing 4% (by weight) caustic soda to produce a lye containing 25% solids (by weight). What is the evaporation of water per 100 kg of feed in the evaporator

107836. For an ideal gas mixture

107837. Molality is defined as

107838. Charles law for a given mass of an ideal gas is

107839. 10 Brix is equivalent to a sugar solution containing

107840. Gibbs Free energy (G) is defined as

107841. Isobaric process means a constant ............. process.

107842. Work and heat are examples of

107843. For gases, isothermal compressibility (k) is equal to

107844. The change in entropy (S) for reversible process is

107845. Efficiency of a Carnot engine working between hot reservoir at temperature T1 and sink reservoir at temperature T2 is

107846. Thermochemistry is the study of the relationship between Chemical energy and

107847. Specific heat at a constant pressure (Cp) is defined by

107848. According of first law of thermodynamics the change in internal energy. (E) accompanying a process, performing a work (W) and involving absorption of heat (Q) on the surroundings is given by the relation

107849. The internal energy of a system depends upon

107850. In a closed system, there is

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