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107751. The time required for the response to come within 5% of its ultimate value remain there is known as

107752. Which one of the following is a first order system

107753. Response of a system to a sinusoidal input is called

107754. Transfer function of a second order system is

107755. John:”Mary,give me your pen please”John requested Mary:

107756. Inversion of cane sugar is a

107757. For a reaction of zero order, the rate of reaction is

107758. For a batch system, the selectivity (S) is

107759. When a catayst alters rate of a chemical reaction, the value of rate constant

107760. Arr henius equation shows the variation of ......... with temperature

107761. In an ideal P.F.R at steady state conditions

107762. Fluidised bed reactor is characterized by

107763. For a recycle reactor the recycle ratio is given by

107764. Space velocity of 5 hr-1 means that

107765. Oil is hydrogenated using nickel catalyst in a

107766. The half-life time t1/2 = 0.693 / k. Then the reaction is of

107767. What is the partial pressure of a gas mixture containing 50 mol % A and 50 mol% inert in a closed vessel at pressure of 10 atm and temperature of 1500C

107768. A batch reactor is characterized by

107769. Integral method is used for analysis of kinetic data

107770. The reaction Cl2+H2 2HCL is carried out in the presence of sunlight. What is the order of reaction

107771. Transition state theory predicts the temperature dependency of reaction rate as

107772. Sum of the powers of the concentration term in the rate equation is called the

107773. The rate of reaction doubles for each 100C rise in temperature. What activation energy would this suggest at a temperature 250C

107774. If n is the order of reaction, then unit of rate constant is

107775. Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) I =c1-5/ec2/T -1 1. Wien's Law b)T = constant 2. Planck's Law c) Eb =T4 3. Nusselt equation d) h = 0.943 [k3p2g/lL∆T]1/4 4. Stefan-Boltzmann's Law Codes :

107776. Economy of an evaporator is defined as

107777. Capacity of an evaporator is defined as

107778. 25 per cent cut segmental baffle means

107779. In a finned tube heat exchanger

107780. Poly Tetra Fluoroethylene is known as?

107781. Dittus-Boelter equation, NNu=0.023 (NRe)(NPr)n, where n = 0.4 for hot fluid and n = 0.3 for cold fluid, is applicable for

107782. In forced convection the heat transfer depends on

107783. The Fourier number (N) is defined as

107784. The thermal diffusivity of a material is defined as

107785. When heat is transferred by a chain of molecules from the hot area of an object to a colder area, the process of heat transfer is called

107786. Cavitation in centrifugal pumps is caused by

107787. For a specific impeller diameter, fixed impeller speed of a centrifugal pump, and constant density,

107788. ASEAN, is an organization of...............?

107789. Cavitation in fluid flow occurs when

107790. The momentum correction factor () is used in fluid flow problems to account for

107791. Friction factor f = 16/NRe is valid for

107792. Which of the following has the form of a Mach number (NMa)

107793. Which curve in the given figure represents Newtonian fluid

107794. A Newtonian fluid is one which

107795. Calcination of limestone is not done in a ............ kiln for producing lime.

107796. Fire clay is

107797. The gun went:

107798. Penicillin is seperated from fermented broth by

107799. Which of the following is not an antibiotic

107800. Which of the following is super-efractory

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