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107701. Humidification involves mass transfer between a pure liquid phase and a fixed gas which is

107702. You had better:

107703. HETP is numerically equal to HTU only when operating line

107704. Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) Distillation 1. Solvent b) Absorption 2. Heat c) Adsorption 3. Absorbent d) Ion exchange 4. Resin

107705. Constant rate period is that drying period during which

107706. Minimum number of ideal stages are required in a fractionating column when the reflux ratio is equal to

107707. Higher hold up of the solid in the rotary drier results in

107708. Desorption of the absorbed solute by solvent is called

107709. Absorption factor is defined as

107710. in counter-current liquid-liquid extraction, the maximum concentration of solute in extract layer

107711. At plait point of a ternary system

107712. In concurrent liquid-liquid extraction, the solvent B is used to separate solute C from a given solution A and C, The liquids A and B are insoluble. the slop of the operating line for each state will be

107713. Relative humidity is the ratio of

107714. In a distillation operation, the heat removed in condenser

107715. Until the nineteenth century, aluminium was almost as expensive as gold. The invention of an inexpensive way to extract this metal by a 22-year-old American made this metal inexpensive subsequently. The inventor was?

107716. Duodenum is situated?

107717. How many arbitrary constants will be there in the solution of second order differential equation

107718. If a chemical substance disintegrates at a rate inversely proportional to the square of the amount present at any instant, what is the differential equation governing this law

107719. The First Five Year Plan gave top priority to?

107720. Which one of the following is a method of curve fitting

107721. What type of graph sheet is used to get a straight line by plotting (x,y) for the equation y=axn

107722. The sum of the infinite series 3+1+1/3+(1/3)2+.........(1/3)n+.......... is

107723. The line y = mx +1 is a tangent to y2 = 4x if m equals

107724. The solution for L (t2 e2t) is

107725. The number of real roots of the equation (x-1)2+(x-2)2+(x-3)2 = 0 is

107726. Order degree of differential equation d2y/dx2={y+[dy/dx]2}1/4 are

107727. Solution of differential equation xdy-ydx=0 represents

107728. The auxiliary equation of (aD2+bD+c) = 0 is having two real distinct roots m1 m2 then the general solution is

107729. The PDE2u/x2+2u/y2 = f(x,y) is called as

107730. The first differentiation of a constant is equal to.

107731. Differential equation for y = A cos x + B sinx, where A B are arbitary constants, is

107732. Integrating factor of differential equation cos x dy/dx + y sin x = 1 is

107733. If p q are roots of x2+px+q=0 then

107734. For a differential function f(x) to have maximum, df/dx d2f/dx2 should be

107735. The primary task of a microprocessor based controller is

107736. A proportional controller with a gain of KC is used to control a first order process. The offset will increase if

107737. The basic principle involved in the measurement of temperature by thermocouple is

107738. The time constant of a first order process with resistance R capacitance C is

107739. None of them has passed:

107740. This is the place-----------we usually meet.

107741. The error required to move the value from fully closed to fully open is termed as

107742. Controlling of more than one feedback loop is known as

107743. The general condition for stability of a continuous system is

107744. Hot wire anemometer is used to measure

107745. Dead-time compensation is also referred as

107746. The transfer function of a process is 1/16s2+8s+4 . If a step change is introduced into the system, then the response will be

107747. When water is added into acid, the temperature?

107748. Tracking of missiles aircrafts are the well known examples of

107749. The difference between the new steady state value the original value is called as

107750. Overshoot and decay ratio are related as

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