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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2153

107651. In the following question, a sentence / a part of sentence is underlined. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is required, choose "No Improvement" option. The match wasso very ordinary after all the hype generated by the fans.

107652. Have you been doing what has been asks of you

107653. The correct IUPAC name for the given structure is

107654. Which of the following is not related to the flow diagram in the chemical process industries

107655. Oxygenated blood is carried by:

107656. Deficiency of insulin results in:

107657. If an amount R is paid at the end of every year for n years then the net present value of the annuity at an interest rate of i is

107658. Which of the following is not a principle of Pinch Technology

107659. Gantt chart or Bar chart is helpful in

107660. Pick out the wrong statement :

107661. Chemical engineering plant cost index is used for finding the present cost of a particular chemical plant, if the cost of similar plant at some time in the past is known. the present cost of the plant = Original cost [index value at present / index value at the time of original cost was obtained] The most major component of this cost index is

107662. Disorder caused by an extra copy of chromosome number 21:

107663. Payback method for measurement of return on investment

107664. Sickle cell anaemia is caused due to:

107665. Hydathodes in grasses help to:

107666. 'Six tenth factor' rule is used for estimating the

107667. One of the following is not a fungal disease:

107668. 2,4 Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid as selective weedicide is an example of:

107669. Match List I (Terminology used in plant economics) correctly with List II (Factor) and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) Lang factor for a chemical plant 1. Ratio of gross annual sales to the fixed capital investment. b) Depreciation 2. Ratio of capital investment to the delivered cost of major equipment. c) Break-even point 3. It figures in the calculation of income tax liability on cash flows from an investment. d) Turnover ratio 4. It is the point of intersection of total cost and sales revenue.

107670. P is the investment made on an equipment, S is its salvage value and n is the life of the equipment in years. The depreciation for the mth year by the sum-of-year-digit method will be

107671. Blight disease in paddy is caused by:

107672. Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) Capitalized cost 1. Comparing alternative investment choices b) Unamortized value 2. Updating cost data of equipment c) Pay-out period 3. Profitability evaluation d) Cost index 4. Cost accounting 5. Replacement decisions 6.Working capital

107673. In a manufacturing industry, break-even point occurs when

107674. The total capital investment for a chemical process plant comprises the fixed capital investment and the

107675. Four major constituents of atmospheric air are N2 Ar O2 CO2 Arrange them in ascending order of their % in air :

107676. Carbon monoxide is pollutant, which causes

107677. Super bugs produced through genetic engineering is used:

107678. Which of the following is not a natural source of air pollution

107679. Which one of the following is not a main industrial heat source

107680. Element associated with opening and closing of stomata is:

107681. Which of the following processes is involved in the biochemical treatment of sewage effluents

107682. Freshwater carrying pipelines in chemical industries are coloured with

107683. Which of the following is the most lethal water pollutant

107684. Hormone which promotes Apical Dominance:

107685. Both liquid fire and gaseous fire can be extinguished by

107686. Factor of safety or overdesign factor in heat transfer equipment is about ........... per cent more than the actual theoretical design factor.

107687. Chemical foam extinguishers are applicable only for

107688. ”Molecular glue” used in genetic engineering is:

107689. Fault free analysis is an effective tool to identify

107690. Synthesis of chlorophyll in the presence of light is:

107691. Match List I relating health hazards correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) Irritant 1. CO2 b) Asphyxiant 2. Chlorine c) Lung damage 3. Lead d) systemic poison 4. Dust

107692. Which is not a chemical coagulant

107693. The expansion of term "HAZOP" is

107694. The rate of drying during constant-rate period

107695. Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) Underwood's equation 1. Number of real trays b) Fenske's equation 2. Column diameter c) Gilliland's equation 3. Minimum number of ideal trays d) Vapour velocity at flooding 4. Actual number of ideal trays 5. Actual number of ideal trays 6. Tray efficiency

107696. Increased tolerance of plants to various kinds of stresses is due to:

107697. If the selectivity of the solvent used in liquid-liquid extraction is unity

107698. Ram as well as his brother -------gone to Bombay.

107699. The equipment frequently used for adiabatic humidification operation with recirculating liquid is

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