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108551. Individuals who have ......... characteristic learn more than others from training programs.

108552. The procedure in which the experimenter provides all the information about the study to the participant to avoid confusion is known as

108553. The purpose of which test was to identify military recruits who would be likely to break down in combat

108554. The main advantage of a case study is

108555. A working proposition is termed

108556. Which one of the following is not a primary reinforcer

108557. To have which sole identity stripped away is terrifying and the counsellor should expect clients sling tenaciously to the identity

108558. Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : According to Ellis human beings are uniquely irrational as well as rational. Reason (R) : Human beings are biologically predisposed towards irrational thinking. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :

108559. Simplified representation of reality is

108560. When the interviewers are simply given quotas filled from the different strata. It is called

108561. Which teams are groups of employees who perform highly interdependent jobs and take on many responsibilities of their former supervisors

108562. When teams have large numbers of people, it increases

108563. The difficulty level in speed tests is

108564. The test which yields four second-order factors in addition to other factors of personality is

108565. Probable Error (PE) gives misleading result

108566. Consider the following statements : I. RET uses 40 or 50 regular techniques II. RET uses irregular techniques like body massage III. RET uses imagery IV. RET uses relaxation. Of the statements :

108567. The phenomenon that may operate when subjects are selected on the basis of extremely high or extremely low pre-test scores is called

108568. Older adults with transitional developmental concerns get little assistance in which of the following services

108569. Statistical test of a non-directional hypothesis is

108570. Consider the following statements : Acquired immune deficiency syndrome seems to have begun in Central Africa AIDS is transmitted through the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) A person may test HIV-seropositive (HIV +) but be free of AIDS Intensive community-based interventions aimed at risk population will be effective. Of the statements :

108571. The best technique for selecting a representative sample is

108572. The process of building organizations that ensure the effectiveness of work teams and of their organisations is called

108573. To determine the cluster of more internally homogeneous items to serve as new criteria for item analysis the technique used is

108574. Sequence the following : Need, Tension, Energy, Value Select your response according to the coding scheme given below :

108575. Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : People with obsessive-complusive personality disorder are characterised by a fixation on things being done the right way. Reason (R) : People with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder show rigidity and stubbornness. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :

108576. Cognitive distortion

108577. "Children will score high on a reading achievement test after 1st grade than they did prior to 1st grade". The above need a one-tailed test The above is directional hypothesis The above is a null hypothesis The above need a two-tailed test

108578. The number of items in the original Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory was

108579. Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : The research hypothesis can take a declarative form Reason (R) : The research hypothesis can take a question form. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :

108580. If one selects samples randomly at all stages, it is known as

108581. The rating scale, which is based on the presumption that on object can have different connotative meanings is

108582. The weakest criteria to evaluate performance of an employee is his or her

108583. Which approach to performance evaluation provides employees with a wider perspective of their performance

108584. A very elaborate theory concerning ANOVA, and its usefulness in practical field was contributed by

108585. Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) Obsessive-complusive personality disorder 1. Relying excessively on others b) Dependent personality disorder 2. Preoccupation with details c) Borderline personality disorder 3. Deceitful d) Antisocial personality disorder 4. Poor self esteem.

108586. The technique which exposes a client again and again to the fear arousing stimuli is known as

108587. Match List I correctly with List II and select your response according to the coding scheme given below : List I List II a) Rogers 1. Operant conditioning b) Allport 2. Congruence c) Cattell 3. Proprium d) Skinner 4. Dynamic lattice.

108588. Consider the following statements : Beck et al stated that cognitive profiles refer to the following aspects in personality disorder : I. Beliefs II. Attitudes III. Affects IV. Strategies Of these :

108589. Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) Test of homogeneity of variance 1. Small samples b) t-test 2. Sampling error c) Represents within group variance 3. F-ratio d) Mann-Whitney test 4. Ordinal scale

108590. The theoretical basis for the development of Edward's personal preference schedule is the need system proposed by

108591. When the number of samples is more than two, but it is neither certain nor decided in advance, the sampling is known as

108592. Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : Stress is the consequence of a person's appraisal process and is determined by the person-environment fit Reason (R) : When the individual perceives that his or her resources will not be sufficient to meet the stressor, he may experience high stress. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :

108593. The view of conflict proposes that conflict can be positive force in a group and some conflict is absolutely nacessary for a group to perform effectively

108594. In order to test the best fit of assumed distribution of scores with the observed data, the appropriate statistical method is

108595. There is a resemblance to social phobia in

108596. A man is attracted to a woman, but fears losing his independence, so he becomes hostile towords her. He is using the defense mechanism of

108597. Consider the following statements : I. Personality is made up of Id. Ego and Super ego II. The Id. Ego and Super ego have their own components and operating principles III. They interact so closely that it is difficult to disentangle their effects IV. Behaviour is always the product of an interaction among Id, Ego and Super ego. Of the statements :

108598. Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) Alpha level 1. 95% b) Compounding variables 2. Another word for within subjects design c)Correlation groups design 3. A variable related to independent variables d) Confidence interval 4. Type of error.

108599. One distinctive feature of projective test is that it has

108600. The counselling profession has recognised the need for special competencies in counselling older adults by

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