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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2172

108601. The test that can be used to get the same results of critical ratio is

108602. When therapists help clients develop more accurate explanations for events, thus helping them give up self-blaming ideas, they are using the technique of

108603. A way of coping with manipulation criticism is

108604. Consider the following statements : People with avoidant personality disorder exhibit the following psychological characteristics : I. Low self-esteem II. Fear of rejection, criticism, leads to fear of attention III. Resemblance to social phobta IV. Extreme insensitivity Of the statements :

108605. Deep muscle relaxation training was developed by

108606. Frustrations, conflicts and anxieties are resolved by

108607. In which conflict resolution technique, each party involved in the conflict gives up something of value

108608. Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below : List I List II a) The number of events one should observe is 10 1. Alternative hypothesis b) Rejection region 2. Null hypothesis c) Confidence levels 3. - 0.96 to 1.96 d) The number of events one should observe is not 10 4. 0.01 0.05 0.10

108609. The Rorschach ink blot test is a

108610. Consider the following statements : I. Correlation is the degree of association between 2 variables II. Correlation is represented in terms of a coefficient III. If the coefficient is positive, the variables are not associated IV. If the coefficient is negative the variables are associated Of the statements :

108611. A sentence completion instrument can be used as a/an

108612. 'D' in ABCDE analysis of cognitive therapy stands for

108613. Consider the following statements : The negative symptoms of schizophrenia include I. Emotional and social withdrawal II. Apathy III. Poverty of thought IV. Poverty of speech Of the statements :

108614. Deep muscle relaxation training is based on

108615. Consider the following statements : According to Bandura I. Reinforcement serves as an antecedent rather than a consequent influence II.Reinforcement functions as an informative and motivational operation III.Reinforcement does not function as a mechanical response strengthener IV. Direct reinforcement is not necessary in order for learning to occur. Of the statements :

108616. A collection of feelings that an individual holds toward his or her job is called

108617. The physical environment during relaxation should be free from

108618. When counsellors who work regularly with clients in crisis, experience, some of the same symptoms of crisis of their clients. It is known as

108619. If the criterion is not continuous but a natural division then the appropriate method of correlation to be used is

108620. The larger the item variance relative to the total variance, the need for correction is

108621. The process of considering alternative causes for events and reactions is called

108622. The irrational belief that one is loved by another person usually of higher status is termed as

108623. The formula N - 1 is applicable in determining the degrees of freedom while comparing two distributions for

108624. Employee dissatisfaction expressed through active and constructive attempts to improve working conditions is referred to as

108625. Consider the following statements : I. Traits may be classified in terms of the modality through which they are expressed II. Any single trait may represent the outcome of the operation of enviornmental factors, hereditary factors or both III. Traits that result from environmental conditions are called environmental mould traits IV. Traits that reflect hereditary factors are called constitutional traits. Of the statements :

108626. In autogenic training the core is

108627. Counselling may be seen as a primary tool for addressing the many adjustment issues that older people face. This is the approach by

108628. Chance errors are otherwise known as

108629. A person approaches the test with a certain attitude and with a certain interpretation of whatever ambiguities there are in the directions. This is called

108630. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is effective for the treatment of

108631. In organizational development, there is a strong emphasis on

108632. Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : Reliability refers to the attribute of consistency in measurement. Reason (R) : Reliability is more commonly a matter of degree. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :

108633. Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : Sentiments cause their possessors to pay attention to certain objects or classes of objects and to feel and react in a certain way with regard to them. Reason (R) : A sentiment is an environmental mould dynamic source trait which is the result of experimental or sociocultural factors. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :

108634. Item-total correlations are affected by

108635. There are four steps in the organizatinal development technique of appreciative inquiry. Identify the correct order :

108636. Consider the following statements : According to Allport I. The process of development takes place along multiple lines II. At birth the organism is a creature of biology III. The organism is transformed into an individual who operates in terms of a growing age IV. Functional autonomy does not play a crucial role in this transformation. Of the statements :

108637. Consider the following statements : The characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia are I. Delusions and hallucinations II. Disorganized speech III. Grossly disorganized behaviour IV. Social/occupational dysfunction Of the statements :

108638. Which requires examination of the amount of risk acceptable to individuals who are considering occupational change

108639. In reciprocal inhibition the bond between the stimuli and anxiety response will be

108640. When a translated score, in a test, tells where a person stands in some population of persons who have taken a test, then the test we are using is

108641. The projective test, which uses cartoon formats and studies attitudes, is

108642. Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : Confounding variables are those aspects of a study or sample that might influence the dependent variable. Reason (R) : Certain variables which cannot be measured or controlled directly may have an effect upon the outcome. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :

108643. Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : The proprium is innate. Reason (R) : It is in the proprium that we find the root of the consistency that marks attitudes, intentions and evaluations. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :

108644. Consider the following statements : Assertion (A) : In phobic disorders, the individual avoids situations that produce severe anxiety or panic Reason (R) : Individuals with phobic disorders are suicidal and have nocturnal panic. Now select your answer according to the coding scheme given below :

108645. Serious interpersonal problems such as domestic violence, child abuse, marital conflict, sexual dysfunctions and dysfunctional social relationships occur due to

108646. In assertive training the individual is instructed, coached, trained and supported in taking

108647. The Indian version of the Stanford-Binet scale was standardized by

108648. In thematic apperception test when specific scoring systems are used, which reliability is fairly good

108649. Consider the following statements : The principal characteristics of Lewin's Field theory are I. Behaviour is a function of the field that exists at the time behaviour occurs II. Analysis begins with the situation as a whole III. From the whole situation, the component parts are differentiated IV. The concrete person in a concrete situation can be represented mathematically Of the statements :

108650. Whenever undesirable response occurs, it should be reinforced

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