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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2182

109101. The Income Tax Act was introduced in India for the first time in the year

109102. Digital signature is a way to ............ data.

109103. Who aids in distribution of goods and services

109104. Marketing Programmes customized to cater to the needs of market it operates is

109105. The Indian Act involved in E-commerce is

109106. Segmentation based on city, village, town etc. is called

109107. In which stage of Product Life Cycle, competitors enter the market

109108. In which stage of PLC both the sales and profit soar high

109109. The process of implementing marketing programmes through sales people is

109110. Attempt to persuade the people to buy the goods is

109111. Rules of conduct to be followed while advertising denotes

109112. The Trade Union Act, 1926 is associated with

109113. The Indian Trade Union Act was passed in the year

109114. Need Hierarchy Theory was advocated by

109115. "Administration is a higher level activity management is lower level function" - whose view is this

109116. Fourteen principles of management was developed by

109117. Motion study technique is developed by

109118. Which one is not a formal organisation

109119. Which organisation is called as scalar organisation

109120. Scientific management is developed by

109121. Which is the first operative function in management

109122. The wage received expressed in terms of money is

109123. Which is not included in social environment

109124. Which of the following is influenced by monetary policy

109125. Multinational corporations always produce

109126. Globalisation refers to

109127. PFI refers to

109128. FEMA was passed in the year

109129. GAAT was introduced in the year

109130. Withdrawal of government from an industry or sector, partially or fully is referred as

109131. Match the following : List I List II a) IMF 1. Geneva b) FAO 2. Washington c) WHO 3. Paris d) UNESCO 4. Rome

109132. Open Economy refers to the trade relations with 

109133. The underwriting commission must not exceed .......... of the issue price of the shares.

109134. Underwriting means

109135. After reissue of forfeited share, balance of forfeited share account is transferred to the

109136. A statutory meeting is compulsory to

109137. The dividends must be paid within .............. days from the date of declaration of dividends.

109138. Rights shares mean the shares which are issued to

109139. The first auditors of a company are appointed by its Board of Directors within .......... of its incorporation.

109140. The normal range of pulse rate in an adult:

109141. The maximum time gap between two Annual General meeting is

109142. The secretary of a company may be

109143. What is wild pointer in c

109144. Size of void pointer is

109145. Any type of modification on the parameter inside the function will reflect in actual variable value can be related to

109146. What is prototype of a function in C

109147. Disadvantage of array in C is

109148. Wild pointer in C

109149. What is dangling pointer in c

109150. Which is invalid name of identifier

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