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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2181

109051. An Auditor appointed to fill a casual vacancy shall hold office till the

109052. The records kept by an auditor of all important matters which he comes across while conducting the audit is otherwise called as

109053. An independent appraisal of activity within an organisation to control and Monitor Books of Accounts called is

109054. Who can certify the statutory report

109055. The secondary objectives of Auditing is

109056. The objectives of Audit does not include

109057. If the auditor is appointed by the Central Government, then his remuneration will be fixed by the

109058. The auditor of the Government companies are appointed by the Central Government on the advice of the

109059. Which one of the following is not a circumstance for a company to be wound up by the tribunal

109060. Auditors duty with regard to bonus is clearly given in the

109061. Which one of the following will result in the flow of funds

109062. In the calculation of cash earnings depreciation should be

109063. Cash budget is based on

109064. Which of the following is not a source of long term finance

109065. Capital structure technique does not include

109066. When debt capital exceeds owned capital, it is

109067. Working capital required for a particular period is

109068. Payback period method taken into account

109069. Capital raised from third parties are called

109070. Job costing is applied in

109071. Tyre and tubes manufacturing company adopts

109072. Which one of the following is the most important tool in cost planning

109073. The term 'sink cost' refers to

109074. An example of fixed cost is

109075. Premium on redemption of debenture is

109076. Short term investment is

109077. A 'Ratio' is expressed in terms of

109078. A production budget is based on ............. budget.

109079. A flexible budget is

109080. Which one of the following statement is not correct in the absence of Partnership Agreement

109081. Under debtor system, the branch account is a ............. account.

109082. Rent paid is apportioned between the departments on the basis of

109083. The amount of depreciation charged on machinery a/c will be debited to ............. a/c

109084. Depreciation is provided on

109085. Under stock and debtors method of recording branch transaction which one of the following accounts need not be prepared

109086. Cash remitted by branch but not received by the Head Office is debited by the head office to ............... account.

109087. The premium paid by the new partners is shared by the old partners in ............. ratio.

109088. Goodwill is ............. Asset.

109089. Profit on revaluation is a

109090. Children education allowance is exempted upto

109091. Rate of depreciation on non residential building is

109092. Tax exemtion for inclusion of Minor's Income is

109093. Salary income of M.P. is taxable under the head

109094. Standard deduction for Income from House Property is allowed at ................% of Net Annual Value.

109095. Income received from ........... is wholly exempted.

109096. Family Pension received is taxable under the head

109097. The allowance deduction of Professional Tax upto a maximum of

109098. An individual who want to be a resident of India U/S 6(1)(a) must stay in India for atleast .......... days in the previous year.

109099. Agriculture Income is defined in sec ............. of Income Tax 1961

109100. Income Tax levied is coming under

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