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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2201

110051. He worked hard to feather his nest.

110052. If the speaker continues with his boring speech, the audience will probably vote with their feet.

110053. My father is undoubtedly an arm-chair critic.

110054. Why was Black is beautiful coined

110055. What impression does the word black carry

110056. Give the synonym of Offensive.

110057. Which is politically correct phrase correct phrase

110058. Which word is old-fashioned and offensive

110059. An error or misprint in printing or writing

110060. A person who is very selective, disgusted easily, and is hard to please.

110061. One who is known widely but usually unfavourably is

110062. Rub of wipe out

110063. The period between two reigns

110064. No longer in existence or use

110065. A song sung at the death of a person

110066. Too willing to obey other people

110067. A person who has had one or more limbs removed

110068. To destroy completely

110069. A person extremely desirous of money

110070. A statement in which you say, the same thing twice in different words

110071. Ill say to my friends, I have started learning computer.

110072. They said, We were living in Paris.

110073. I said , Good-bye, my beloved friends.

110074. There is no need for you to be so angry! said Mrs. Sen to her husband.

110075. He said to me, Where are you going

110076. The teacher said, Dont come to school on Monday because it is a holiday.

110077. The teacher said to him, Do not go out.

110078. Rajiv said to me, He plays with right hand.

110079. The teacher said to his student, Do you have any excuse for coming late to the school, today?

110080. What an excellent piece of art! she said.

110081. The commander said, Let the gates be left open.

110082. My father said to me, Will you sit and study at least now.

110083. I said to my mother, Please warm this milk. Dont boil it.

110084. He said to his father, Shall I go to market now?

110085. The teacher said to me, I hope you will bring credit to my school.

110086. Oh! how foolish I have been in money matters !

110087. The officer said, Cowards! You shall soon be put to death.

110088. He wished me respectfully and told that he had come to join the office.

110089. Rahul said, Yes I am mistaken.

110090. The guide said to the swimmer, Dont swim out too far.

110091. Sam, will you help me carry my bags? asked the old woman.

110092. He asked me if I would like to have lunch with him that day.

110093. Dr. Ratan said to the patient, Take light food and do not go out in the Sun.

110094. They are late, she has already told us.

110095. The boy thanked the Principal for granting him a fee-concession.

110096. Sita learns her lessons daily.

110097. Shut the door.

110098. Ratan is performing an experiment.

110099. We prohibit smoking.

110100. That too many cooks spoil the broth is known to all.

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