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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2200

110001. An drug which inhibits spermatogenesis, used as male contraceptive

110002. Lovastatin is

110003. Which of the following drugs is used as cardiotonic

110004. Which of the following machines is used to take sectional images of the body

110005. SCHICK TEST is done to

110006. Who among the following is not an Ex-officio member of central council of Pharmacy Council of India

110007. Proton pump inhibitor used in the treatment of peptic ulcer

110008. The author of My Journey:Transforming Dreams into actions is:

110009. Minuscule

110010. Profound

110011. He set up institutions of international

110012. Masked men - a security van on the motorway.

110013. We - not hurry, we have got plenty of time.

110014. If you do well in this exam next year then my efforts - successful.

110015. The noise of the drum beats - and frightened the tiger.

110016. Which of the following statement best reflects the theme of the passage

110017. Doctors are sometimes unable to treat the patient properly because

110018. The Booker Prize was awarded to Aravind Adiga for authoring which of the following?

110019. The word confrontation is closest in meaning to

110020. Patients are often unable to give a proper account of their ailment to the doctor because

110021. Why has the world become a dangerous place to live in

110022. What does man think of himself today

110023. What is man capable of achieving today

110024. Give the antonym of Obliterate.

110025. What are the qualities that have become mans consuming passion

110026. Find the correctly spelt word.

110027. The Nobel Prize in Literature 2015 was awarded to

110028. Who is the minister for’Women and Child Development’in the Union Ministry?

110029. Where did the bird come from

110030. Why did the girl take the bird to Rhayader

110031. Where did Rhayader live

110032. Which of the phrases best describes the girl

110033. How had the bird been injured

110034. (v)=?

110035. (iv) =?

110036. (ii) = ?

110037. (i) = ?

110038. (iii) = ?

110039. The ending part of the passage is about

110040. Citizens of a country should work and cherish

110041. The source of the strength and power of a nation depends on

110042. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are:

110043. The passage leads the reader to think about.

110044. Shyam Prasad was a chip of the old block.

110045. Russel Peters really brought the house down with his spectacular performance at the Club yesterday.

110046. Sunils dog in a manager attitude did not help to settle the matter.

110047. He advised her to give a wide berth to malicious people.

110048. I threw up my cards for want of funds.

110049. He was punished for taking French leave.

110050. Tripti gave her report quoting chapter and verse.

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