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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2206

110301. She is annoying that her father had not accepted her suggestion

110302. Heartfelt prayers to God will always have expected results.

110303. Which of the following is the source of this quote?”The mark of an educated person,is the willingness to use one’s knowledge and skills to solve the problems of society”

110304. Value education is woven into the totality of the education programme in

110305. Which one of the following is a differential method in educational research?

110306. The committee on the Rights of the Child,the monitoring body for the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child(CRC)has twice recommended to India(In 2000 and 2004)

110307. The Louvre, a museum known to everyone in the world, is in Paris.

110308. My father has been advised to reduce smoking.

110309. No sooner had he reaching the station than the train began to move

110310. The calculation of the average of all of the student’s grades in a course is known as

110311. An effective teacher

110312. The criminal was hung to death

110313. Sincerity is always appreciated .

110314. If a student tries to solve a problem without any external help,the teacher should

110315. In the deductive approach

110316. If the room had been brighter , I would have been able to read for a while before going to bed.

110317. I was greately shocked by the most ruthless murder.

110318. A hand pump is very easy to work and it can be fitted in every house.

110319. Which of the following more effectively facilitates learning among young learners?

110320. Critical pedagogy firmly believes that

110321. The old car thumped along over the story road.

110322. He was a failure at art but his last piece was so beautiful that no one could believe he had painted it

110323. 1. Once upon a time I went to Sctoland P. I found my fiesh creep as I walked down its sinister corridor. Q. There, in a castle in the dark, misty highlands, actually a modest hotel in Edinburgh, R. and the next morning hed been found with his throat slit. S. Wed had dinner with jock Mc. Arthur only the previous night. 6. The chill finger of suspicion pointed at all of us.

110324. 1. Nalanda became Indias famous centre of education. P. Ten thousand Buddhist monks used to live there. Q. It is situated near the town of Bihar Sharif. R. The ruins of Nalanda can still be seen. S. It was visited by the Chinese Pilgrim Hiuen Tsang. 6. He stayed there for several years.

110325. 1. The heart is the pump of life. P. They have even succeeded in heart transplants. Q. Now-a-days surgeons are able to stop a patients heart and carry out complicated operations. R. A few years ago, it was impossible to operate on a patient whose heart was not working properly. S. If the heart stops we die in about five minutes. 6. All this was made possible by the invention of the heart lung machine

110326. 1. Researchers say that jogging alone is P. It was found that communal joggers have double the number of brain cells as solo runners. Q. These positive effects are suppressed when running occurs in isolation. R. Experiments indicated that running alone stifles brain cell regeneration. S. Experienced in a group, running stimulates brain cell growth. 6. However, joggers around the world should remember that jogging is healthier than the rat race.

110327. 1.Rola Sleiman parked her car in the only empty spot outside Tripolis evangelical church. P. But thats not the only thing makes her unique. Q. Shes a pastor, and at 37, shes younger than most of her colleagues. R. It is a small sand-coloured building with a simple faade and large wooden doors in the middle of the city. S. It was Sunday morning and, like every Sunday at around this time, Rola was headed to work. 6. Rola is also, as far as she knows, the only female pastor in Lebanon and perhaps even in the entire Middle East.

110328. 1. Children like to celebrate their birthday. P. In addition to birthday presents, they also receive greetings. Q. It provides an opportunity for them to enjoy themselves with their friends. R. The birthday presents also add to their joy. S. Nobody can deny that company of friends is joyful. 6. All these factors make birthday worth celebrating.

110329. 1. Grandpa had some old clothes. P. But my mother took them out and kept them neatly folded in the cupboard again. Q. So he put the clothing into the familys bag of items to donate to charity. S. My mother found them and put them back in his basket. 6. Grandpa finally put the items in my mothers mending basket and never saw them again.

110330. 1. The Cinema is a very valuable teaching aid. P. The cinema is entertaining also. Q. Historical films help the teacher of History. R. Science can also be taught very effectively through Cinema. S. Large number of people like social films. 6. Thus Cinema has a great impact on our society.

110331. 1. Technology is meant for bringing comfort to the body and spirituality brings comfort to the mind. P. But in India that never happened, religion has always encouraged Science. Q. Scientists were persecuted. R. Here religion and Philosophy were never isolated practices. S. In the West, religion was always opposed to Science. 6. They intertwined with life, In music, art, drama, dance, painting and sculpture.

110332. 1. a couple in my neighbour is known for shouting at each other. P. With an apprehension of a serious fight between the two I went closer to the door and peeped in. Q. I intended to calm them down. R. I could guess both of them lay peacefully in their bed. S. Last night at about 11 Oclock I could hear shrieks and sounds. 6. The fight was going on in a T.V. Serial on a channel.

110333. 1. Katherine Mansfield was born in Wellington, New Zealand. P. In 1908 she went back tothe London which she felt to be her spiritual home. Q. She was sent to Queen's College School, London in her education. R. She remained there for four years. S. Soon after returning to New Zealand, she became dissatisfied. 6. She hoped to make a literary carreer there.

110334. 1. Designing is as natural to me as breathing P. It was then that I launched my own label. Q. It's been a good season so far. R. But my carrer took off only after the brith of my second child. S. Right now, I'm busy with my first store. 6. Next month, I'll be going to New York.

110335. 1. The world is stunned with the news that 44 year old Steeve Irwin is no more. P. He was shooting in the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland. Q. He is killed by the poisoned barb of a huge sting ray. S. He was shooting an underwater documentary film. 6. Irwin was brought to the surface unconscious.

110336. 1. India is rapidly coming under the influence of western culture. P. Earlier India had its own moral and social values. Q. This change can be seen in our education system, marriages, food habits and daily routine. R. But today they have changed enormously. S. The effect of westernization is visible everywhere in India. 6. It may be harmful to forget our culture and values completely.

110337. 1. Mandela led the battle of freedom against slavery. P. They way was fighting with non-violence and truth. Q. He fought it in a unique way. R. This struggle brought the racists down to the ground. S. Many nations got their freedom in this way. 6. But some nations still wouldnt get the desired freedom.

110338. 1. In a fact, a robotic exoskeleton device has enabled a 39-year old former athlete, who had been completely paralysed for four years. P. This is the first time that a person with chrnic, complete paralysis has regained enough voluntary control to actively work with a robotic device. Q. The athlete's leg movement also resulted in other health benefits. R. to control his leg muscles and take thousands of steps S. In addition to the device, the man was aided by a novel non-invasive spinal stimulation technique that does not require surgery. 6. Including improved cardio vascular function and muscle tone.

110339. 1. One of the gifts of independence is the awakening of women of our country. P. Besides, their talent is recognized and they are appointed to high posts in the State. Q. Free Inida has been woman as Governors, Ministers and Ambassadors. R. That is because our government is making efforts to raise their status. S. Woman have a bright future in independent India. 6. We even had a woman Prime Minister.

110340. 1. The Pyramids are beautiful enormous structures. P. A mummy is the dead body of a human being to which oils and spices have been applied to prevent it from decaying Q . They are the tombs of the old kings of Egypt who were called the Pharaohs. R. These mummies were placed inside these great Pyramids. S. The bodies of the Pharaohs were made into mummies when they died. 6. Near them, were placed, gold, silver, food, furniture, and other things because it was believed that the mummies might require them after death.

110341. 1. Our pleasures should be healthy so that they can impart a sense of well-being. P. This applies very much to the passion for sports. Q. Some people become slaves to an enthuslasm and regard it as their real and only pleasure in life. R. It is quite possible that indulging this passion is doing them great harm. S. Modern sports have become so exaggerated that they can damage and sometimes destroy ones health. 6. An enthusiasm for violent sports may well dig an early gave for the participant.

110342. A reflective learner is one who

110343. Rub or wipe out

110344. A song sung at the death of a person.

110345. A person who has had one more limbs removed

110346. Students’ learning can be easily transferred to other similar contexts if the teacher

110347. One who is known widely but usually unfavourable is

110348. The underlying value in a person who is empirical,critical and rational is necessarily an intellectualist,frequently a scientist or philosopher is

110349. The value system of an adolescent is mostly that of his

110350. A positive correlation is present when

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