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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2220

111001. Match the following poetic lines in column A with the poet in column B and select code : Column A Column B a) Walk the deck my captain dies 1. Douglas Malloch b) Be a scrub in the valley 2. Lewis Carroll c) Is all our life, than but a dream 3. William Wordsworth d) Familiar matter of to-day 4. Walt Whitman

111002. Re-arrange the following sentence into a meaningful one : Good habits by / positive people / try / being with / to inculcate.

111003. Which of the following is incorrectly paired

111004. Complete the sentence choosing an option from those given below : Every villager from those two hamlets ............ going to the fair today.

111005. Which one of the following, indirect speeches is answers to the sentence in direct speech : Ram said to Seetha, "Please lend me a book".

111006. Which sentence cannot be changed into passive voice

111007. Match the compound words and mark the correct codes given below : a) Noun + Noun 1. duty free b) Noun + Verb 2. pen friend c) Noun + Gerund 3. water fall d) Noun + adjective 4. air-conditioning

111008. Find the correct sentence where the 'present participle form' is used.

111009. Match the antonyms under column A with column B. Column A Column B a) Wisdom 1. Accepted b) Generosity 2. Intolerance c) Tolerance 3. Selfishness d) Refused 4. Folly

111010. Identify the sentence : The nut is too hard to crack

111011. Fill in the blanks with suitable article : Kishore is ............... fastest runner in our school. Last week he participated in ................ race. He got ............... first prize ................ chief guest appreciated him.

111012. Form a new word by blending the words : Helicopter + Airport

111013. In which of the following sentence infinitive is used

111014. The book "Modi's Midas Touch in Foreign Policy" was written by

111015. Introducing a girl, Raj said, "Her mother is the only daughter of my mother-in-law". How is Raj related to the girl

111016. Shakespeare's Sonnet No 116 deals with

111017. The author of the story "Reflowering" is

111018. You bleached our souls with impurities You bathed our hearts The above lines are taken from the poem

111019. Who said the following "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"

111020. What kind of world is described in the poem 'Migrant Bird'

111021. Why did Bassanio need money

111022. The figure of speech used in the line, "Old age and youth alike mistaught, misfed" of the poem - To a Millionaire, is

111023. Which of the following sentences is in passive voice

111024. Match the British English words in Col. A with equivalent American English in Col. B. A B a) Dust bin 1. Frieght train b) Jam 2. French fries c) Goods train 3. Jelly d) Chips 4. Garbage can

111025. Mr. Pneumonia figures in

111026. 'And sings a melancholy strain', - The Solitary Reaper The figure of speech used here is ..............

111027. How long did the giant stay with his friend in Cornish Ogre

111028. Someone was before me at my water - trough, And I like a second comer, waiting Name the poet of these poetic lines.

111029. Who said 'Under the wide and starry sky Dig the grave and let me lie'

111030. Who said this following "The Jew Shall have all justice. Soft! No haste, He shall have nothing but the penalty'

111031. Which nationality the story belongs to " How the Camel got its Hump"

111032. What is a Sonnet

111033. Match the words in Column A with relevant meanings in Column B Column A Column B a) Stooping 1. Expressing pain or regret b) Drooping 2. Bending forward c) Droning 3. Closing due to tiredness d) Moaning 4. Making a continuous low sound

111034. യുനെസ്കോയുടെ ആസ്ഥാനം? [Yuneskoyude aasthaanam?]

111035. Choose the correct synonym. We believe that as a nation and as a people we need to shed our cynicism and initiate concrete action to realise the second vision

111036. Choose the correct antonym. We inhale oxygen when we breathe in

111037. V.K. Gokak was a professor of ............

111038. Which one of the following is a correct sequence

111039. Identify the sentence which is not of the same pattern as the others.

111040. Fill in the blank with the options. He refused ............. 'no' for an answer.

111041. Write the correct tense. They ................ in the school since 2012.

111042. Find out the correct question tag from the options. They came by train .............. ?

111043. Choose the correct synonym for the underlined word from the options given. She made herself indispensable to her institution

111044. Match the following words and phrases given in Column A with their meanings in Column B A Phrases B Meaning a) put on 1. demolish b) take up 2. leave c) pull down 3. study d) check out 4. wear

111045. Choose the correct antonym for the underlined word in the following sentence. A village was affected by drought

111046. Choose the correct synonym for the underlined word from the options given. I am deeply concerned about the way ..........

111047. One who foretells the future is known as

111048. Who wrote 'I Dare - It's Always possible

111049. Change the following simple sentence into compound sentence. The ceiling is too high for me to touch

111050. Identify the correct Degree. Prabhu is one of the most helpful persons

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