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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2227

111351. A note as from a single place, A slender tinkling fall that made These above lines occur in the poem.

111352. Match the names of the poets under column A with the names of the poems, under column B and choose the correct code Column A Column B a.Thomas Hardy 1.My Grandmothers house b.Elizabeth Barrett Browning 2.Piano c.D.H. Lawrence 3.The Cry of the Children d.Kamala Surayya 4.The Man He Killed

111353. Which of the following is a poem ? Choose the right answer from the options given below.

111354. What is the theme observed in the story The mark of Vishnu?

111355. I wont look down. No I will not With speed of wings I hasten past. In whose poem do the following lines occur?

111356. Rajan’s rank in the class is 6th from the top and 35th from the bottom. How many students are there in the class?

111357. Or, all day, we drive the wheels of iron In the factories, round and round In which poem do these lines occur?

111358. The first step in the road to success, according to Edwin C Bliss, is to

111359. The American English equivalent of the word washbasin is

111360. Match the British English words under Column A with their American English equivalents under column B and choose the correct code. Column A Column B a.chips 1.garbage can b.dustbin 2.jelly c.jam 3.guy d.fellow 4.french fries

111361. To my immediate right the Nanda Pal glacier slopes down sharplyof course for the fact that ends in a cold and menacing snout with icy waters flowing below. In the given passage the word menacing means

111362. The attainment of a developed status by 2020 does not mean that we can then rest on our laurels Laurels mean

111363. The Giants final journey was to

111364. If you cant be a highway, just be a trail, If you cant be the Sun, be a Star It is not the size that you win or you fail Be the Best of whatever you are!....... The Rhyme Scheme in the above given lines is.

111365. Find out the sentence where gerund is used :

111366. Match the following identifying the phrase to complete the sentence and mark the correct code : Column A Column B a.The cream Cake is 1.harder and harder b.The new sweets are 2.more expensive c.The new waiters are 3.so costly d.It is getting 4.better

111367. What is Possessive Adjectives?

111368. Choose the correct Synonym of the underlined word from the given options, Sivasubranmania Iyers wife was very conservative .

111369. Which of the following sentences is wrong ?

111370. Find out the correct question tag : She goes to school by van

111371. Find out the correct sentence:

111372. Identify the incorrect sentence from the following :

111373. Which of the following phrasal verbs suits the given sentence ? ..your bad habits..

111374. Identify the sentence pattern: one of the boys had been singing well.

111375. Choose correct prepositions from the options given: ..the cupboard, verythe wall, there is a narrow gap, ..which a few charts have been kept.

111376. Match the underlined words in Column A with their parts of speech in Column B and select the correct answer from the options given below : Column A Column B a.He walks quickly 1.subject b.Reena taught him Hindi 2.Object c.Rani ate ice cream 3.verb d.Radha is a doctor 4.compliment

111377. ‘Conversation with myself’ is the autobiography of?

111378. Commercial Banking System in India is?

111379. Freely movable joints are?

111380. The sky appears blue because?

111381. QST #86

111382. QST #85

111383. QST #84

111384. QST #83

111385. QST #82

111386. QST # 81

111387. There is a large number of employees whom took the option of voluntary retirement.

111388. Hearing rumours of a fraud, investors begun to pull out their money in panic.

111389. It would be worthwhile to educate teenagers about the consequences of drinking to drive.

111390. He did not invest wisely and has lost his entirely life savings.

111391. According to our analysis, allocation for the agriculture sector being high from last year.

111392. Choose the word which is similar in meaning as the word TUTELAGE used in the passage

111393. According to the passage, which factor brought a sense of racial identity among the Indians

111394. According to the passage, which of the following was opposed by Raja Rammohan Roy

111395. Which thoughts, according to the passage, proved imprudent and over-optimistic

111396. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word ABJECT as used in the passage.

111397. According to the passage, what did Raja Rammohan Roy feel about pure Sanskrit education

111398. Which awareness had dawned on Indians by the mid-nineteenth century The long-term advantages of british rule Rationalistic attitude towards living. Rich historical heritage

111399. In the first half of the nineteenth century, writers from some parts of the country..

111400. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word NAVE as used in the passage.

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