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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2239

111951. Puneet raked his brains and tried to find an answer to a tricky questions given in the paper but couldnt find one.

111952. Vithal had a habit of pass the buck when it came to important issues at work.

111953. Varun was on cloud nine after having stood first in his class.

111954. Sharon made it to work in the nicks of times, or else she would have missed the meeting

111955. Seeing that there was an ongoing sale in one of her favourite stores, Seeta made a bee-line for it immediately after entering the mall.

111956. QST#100

111957. QST#99

111958. QST#95

111959. QST#92

111960. As predicted by the IMO, monsoon is likely too stay strong for the next strong days.

111961. To secure privacy meaningfully, some limits have to be place on the governments ability to gather information.

111962. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rose from humbly beginnings to become the countrys top missile scientist and its first technocrat President.

111963. India now qualifies among the sixteen countries having the longer paid leave for new mothers.

111964. According to media, the CEO has energized the company and build strong foundations for its future.

111965. Labour markets around the world have not been able to keep pace on rapid shifts in the global economy

111966. Banks will now take control of a company that owes its customers INR 9,500 crores.

111967. Besides the obvious tangible benefits, the new policy will have an immensely positively effect on the mindsets of working women.

111968. Some of the best experiments coming from outside the chain of command.

111969. While buying a home or renting an apartment, one of the most sought after spaces is that of parking.

111970. What do the statistics regarding the Northern Sea Route cited in the passage indicate

111971. Which of the following is/are (a) reason/s which impact energy exploration in the Arctic (A) High cost of exploration projects (B) Climatic conditions (C) Excessive red tape and clearances to be obtained from the Arctic Council

111972. What is the authors view regarding Russias present actions

111973. Choose the word which is OPPOSITE in meaning to the word EXTREME given in bold as used in the passage.

111974. What does the author suggest regarding the Arctic council (A) It should convince its members to reduce the price of oil. (B) It should not be exclusive and should admit other countries as members. (C) It should continue to remain purely a scientific body.

111975. Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning to the word LIES given in bold as used in the passage

111976. What does the phrase as a licence to lose money convey

111977. Which of the following can be said about the Suez Canal

111978. It is important to note/ that childhood cancers can be prevented/ to a greatest extent/ if a healthy lifestyle is followed

111979. Patients can how scheduled/ appointments while at home/ and get confirmation for the same/ via email.

111980. A watermelon/ is one of the healthiest fruit/ to eat, if you are/ planning to go on a diet.

111981. The tobacco laced toothpaste./ popular in the rural areas of the State,/ is considered to been the major cause behind/ the rising member of oral cancer cases.

111982. The main, who was allegedly/ stole a sum of six lakh rupees./ was finally /arrested by the police.

111983. Human temperamental factors,/ which motivate people to/ form relationships and maintain them,/ are prove to have a genetic base.

111984. While the government continues to/promise better health care facilities/for all the residents of the State,/ rural areas remain a major cause on concern.

111985. With the problem of/shortage of doctors/ plagues the entire state,/ rural areas are the worse hit.

111986. Our behavior / and interest in/ socialising is determined/ by our genes.

111987. Bad lipstick woes/strike even/the most diligent/of makeup users.

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