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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2241

112051. Question 55

112052. Question 54

112053. Question 53

112054. Question 52

112055. Question 51

112056. Who is the first winner of ‘Bhagavan Mahaveer Foundation Award’?

112057. Rewrite as directed:He was too tired to walk. (Use “so ......... that “)?

112058. Who is the writer of ‘Sardar Patel and Indian Muslims’?

112059. QST # 97

112060. The secretion of the liver is:?

112061. QST # 95

112062. QST # 94

112063. QST # 93

112064. Which war is the name of Florance Nightingle associated with?

112065. Which among the following game is related with Geeth Sethi?

112066. Which of the following should be the LAST (SIXTH) sentence after the rearrangement

112067. Kanchi was the capital of?

112068. The portuguese ruler who encouraged sailors by organising naval expeditions to African coast?

112069. Mercury thermometer was invented by?

112070. Night Blindness is caused by the deficiency of?

112071. When the actor came to know that the director was shooting at the same studio, he dropped for a visit.

112072. Agitated teachers, surrounded the homes of some of the ministers, demanding regularization of their jobs.

112073. Did the co-pilot of the ill-fate plane that crashed come in as a last minute replacement

112074. The Government sought an early release of funds to expediting the construction of five new medical colleges in the state.

112075. The initial calls of emergency sent the police into a fizzy.

112076. Drinking herbal tea can help you calm down during a stressful time.

112077. The actor was photographed while dining at a five star restaurant and was quite annoyed on it.

112078. It is a little lately to play Secret Santa with your co-workers. but that is not to say that you cannot still give them a surprise gift and make their day.

112079. The actor, who arrived on only ten minutes before the actress, left before the event ended.

112080. Children love sweets, but have you ever wondered why some children demands more sugary treats than others

112081. It is not very difficult to dishing out a simple recipe for your childs lunchbox.

112082. What happening is to the world of innovation these days ? asked the worried CEO

112083. According to research, ethnically diverse teams could been less productive than more homogeneous teams.

112084. We operates in business and societal environments that are complex, dynamic and uncertain.

112085. As global growth slows down, people look towards innovation in technology to get it back on track

112086. The fact that shopping is now happening across various channels is only adds to the complexity of the business.

112087. Chinas economy grew at its lowest pace in a quarter of a century last year, raised expectations of a further devaluation of the Yuan.

112088. The latest device developed by IBM increases speed of the internet by 200 Gigabits per second at very lowly power.

112089. While following the leaders is hardly an innovative idea, there is much to be learnt from companies that excel at innovation management.

112090. Astronomers determined that the planet Spin faster than any other object in our solar system, with a rotational velocity of about 56000 miles per hour.

112091. Fill up the blank spaces with correct answers: Pay careful attention ......... what I am going to say.?

112092. What does the author suggest regarding monitoring of sea ice? (A) It is too time consuming and therefore of not much use. (B)It provides an exaggerated picture of global warming and should be done away with. (C) It provides an exaggerated picture of global warming and should be done away with.

112093. Which of the following factor is/are (a) factor (s) which have impacted data gathering in the Arctic (A) High concentrations of carbon monoxide and methane. (B) Conflicts among countries over exploratory rights. (C) Lack of interest in the Arctic.

112094. A baby cockroach is called?

112095. What does the phrase The Arctic in the canary in global-warming conveys

112096. Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the word HARD given in bold as used in the passage.

112097. Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning to the word FAIRLY given in bold as used in the passage.

112098. Which of the following can be said about short lived climate forcers

112099. What is the authors view regarding the MIZs programme

112100. What do the statistics regarding the Arctic climate cited in the passage indicate

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