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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2242

112101. The actor is set to return to the big screen in a movie that contrasting .. of horror and comedy.

112102. of the work on the new colleges will go a long way in .. the shortage of engineers in the State.

112103. The organization .. mid-day meals to . One million school children.

112104. Researchers have ........... that increased body fat is ............

112105. Forensic experts have .......... samples from the spot to ........... whether there are any traces of explosives.

112106. The indirect form of Do you like comics? She asked me. Is:

112107. Milk is-in proteins and minerals.

112108. In which part of the question is mistake

112109. Where is the UN University situated?

112110. The problem was -difficult that I could not solve it

112111. Germany is -European country

112112. I was going-the documents last evening.

112113. It was raining when I -home yesterday.

112114. The passive form of This shop sells all the vegetables. Is:

112115. Let us go for a walk,:

112116. Translate into Malayalam Genius is ninety nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration

112117. The tiller was standing..in the field

112118. The appropriate meaning of Felo de se is..

112119. Find the word that is rightly spelt.

112120. Study of faces and skulls

112121. The phrase Taken in means..

112122. The idiom A white elephant means..

112123. Antonym of Zenith is.

112124. The synonym of Plethora is

112125. Most of the bananas in the basket.ripen

112126. Rahul is fond of eating chocolates. Find out the gerund in the sentence

112127. Hardly had he finished the examthe bell rang Fill in the blank using correct adverb

112128. Spot the error in the sentence

112129. I..Shimla last week. Fill in the blank with correct form of the verb

112130. None of the players came in time. Find out the correct tag from the following.

112131. Students should obey the rules of the school

112132. The lady said, I saw the culprit Change into reported speech

112133. She invited meher sons birthday

112134. I got.opportunity to go to London

112135. Rahul is senior..all other colleagues

112136. Panorama has the meaning

112137. Thieves broke into her house-here the phrase broke into means

112138. Which of the following words are wrongly paired ?

112139. Select an uncountable noun from the following

112140. Plural of Manservant

112141. The word Martial means

112142. Add a prefix to get the opposite meaning of the word able

112143. All the milksour

112144. John and his brother.hard

112145. Which is the.city in India ?

112146. Plural of knife

112147. Synonym of Cautious

112148. Antonym of accept

112149. Mr. Manoj.the work in November last year

112150. They went to a film.

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