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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2243

112151. He is jealoushis friends success

112152. His actions are

112153. An article is wrongly used here. Find the word

112154. Find the exact word which means that happens now and then

112155. When I reached the station, the train :

112156. The word which means innocent is

112157. This is the..news. Use the correct adjective

112158. There was a big crowdthe market Use the correct preposition

112159. Use the appropriate question tag for the sentence given below. They live in the town

112160. Rewrite the sentence using the correct article I shall finish my work in.hour

112161. Beggar said to Ramu, Given some water The reported form of the above sentence is..

112162. The passive form of The secretary garlanded the chief guest is

112163. Help me to do this work is an example of

112164. Pick out the singular form from the given words

112165. Replace the word in italics letters with the right phrase given below. I cannot recollect that incident

112166. The word with the correct spelling is..

112167. The Plural of calf is

112168. A place where birds are kept is called..

112169. is the word which means Natural ability

112170. The meaning of the underlined idiom is.Everything was at sixes and sevens when I entered the house

112171. Add a perfix to get the opposite meaning of the word Grace

112172. The antonym of adapt is..

112173. Find the synonym of the word manifest

112174. The market is at the.end of the city

112175. പെട്രോൾ വേഗത്തിൽ കത്തുന്നതാണ് - ഇതിനു സമാനമായ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് വാക്യം [Pedrol vegatthil katthunnathaanu - ithinu samaanamaaya imgleeshu vaakyam]

112176. Many people..the poor

112177. The announcement of the results.awaited

112178. He works eight hours..day

112179. All that..is not gold

112180. The opposite of extravagance is

112181. I appreciate her..in her studies

112182. It is impossible to separate belief.emotion

112183. If my father were there.

112184. You can telephone meyou like

112185. She lives in Mumbai

112186. The boy had finished his homework when.

112187. He did not eat the grapes. She did not eat it

112188. I wish it wasnt raining means

112189. Would you mind.this letter?

112190. The older he got .he became

112191. Find the correct spelling

112192. A device which is used in finding depth of the sea using echo from an object?

112193. .is a synonym of hostile

112194. Nothingdisturbs his sleep

112195. The young one of a pigeon is called

112196. Collective noun for guns is :

112197. if DUCKS : QUACK, then HORSES :.

112198. The phrase magnum opus means :

112199. When I reached there, everybody..

112200. The passive voice form of They completed the project is

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