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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2244

112201. The word opposite in meaning to novice is :

112202. If you had ordered it, Iit

112203. An Oncologist treats the patients suffering from

112204. Choose the correctly spelt word

112205. Necessity is the mother of.

112206. Point out the error part in : He told me that I am an intelligent girl

112207. Are you afraidhim?

112208. A poem in the form of an address is :

112209. The Phrase to give out means:

112210. Fear of anything new is :

112211. I met..university player

112212. I am elder to you .

112213. The scientific studyof interpretation is :

112214. Spider is related to web Bee is related to .

112215. താഴെ തന്നിരിക്കുന്നതിൽ വിതച്ചതേ കൊയ്യുന്നുള്ളൂ എന്നർത്ഥം വരുന്നത് ഏത് [Thaazhe thannirikkunnathil vithacchathe koyyunnulloo ennarththam varunnathu ethu]

112216. She oftento church

112217. We cannot go out now because it ..

112218. The school is now assembled ..the morning prayer

112219. She sang well,

112220. .. Person who died yesterday was a heart patient

112221. Identify the part which is error

112222. Choose the incorrectly spelt word

112223. Opposite of the word amateur

112224. The word nearest in meaning to the word endeavour is

112225. Which of the following is a one word for the custom of having only one wife

112226. The reported speech of He said, I have done my home work is

112227. The passive voice of People speak English all over the world is

112228. Rama and Krishna are brothers. In this sentence and is

112229. The moon shines at night is an example of :

112230. Replace the word in bold letters with the right phrase chosen from those given below : I cannot TOLERATE his behaviour

112231. Success often depends on your ability to ...yourself to changing circumstances

112232. Neither Seena nor Reenawell

112233. The tiger is one of the animal

112234. I have ....pens than you

112235. Arts college is a/an ____ word.

112236. Ab initio means _____ .

112237. Identify the word correctly spelt.

112238. Translate the proverb Pride goes before a fall into Malayalam.

112239. A person who undertakes a commercial venture is a/an _____ .

112240. The authority turned down the proposal. The italicized phrase means _____ .

112241. The antonym of barbarian is _____ .

112242. The synonym of curiosity is ______.

112243. The adjective of please is ____ .

112244. The feminine gender of nephew is ______ .

112245. Of the two sisters, gayathri and Teertha, Gayathri is ______ attractive.

112246. The match ______ by their team.

112247. She ________ succeeded if she had worked hard.

112248. We ___ each other for five years.

112249. You can trust her. She ___ not cheat you.

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