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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2245

112251. He is ____ honest man.

112252. Nothing was none about him, ____ ?

112253. Dont play at night is a/an _____ sentence.

112254. Vishnu is the _____ boy in his class

112255. I am familiar____ this locality.

112256. A child whose father is dead

112257. Person having profound knowledge

112258. Find out suitable word for the following One who believe in God

112259. Meena danced well,

112260. Fill in the blanks with correct reported speech Rani asked the girl

112261. Children - afraid of snakes

112262. The earth - around the sun

112263. Fill in the blanks with suitable tense forms of the verbs The Managing Director is away on tour. He - to London.

112264. Some accidents - by rash driving.

112265. Fill in the blanks with correct form of verbs Raju enjoys - the dramas of Shakespeare

112266. Choose the correct word to replace the phrase given below : Having the power to know everything.

112267. Select the word or phrase which is nearest in meaning to the following word: agenda

112268. Choose the opposite of the word 'guest'

112269. Write the antonym of the word 'rigid'

112270. Write the synonym of the word fragrance

112271. Choose the correct meaning of the word Celebrity

112272. Fill in the blanks with suitable article -college has - new look

112273. Fill in the blanks with suitable propositions I have been staying here - 2005

112274. The garden situated infront of Rashtrapathi Bhavan?

112275. Many people suffer because of pride

112276. It is necessary to develop thrifty habits to be able to lead a comfortable life

112277. The new manager of the bank is urbane in his manners

112278. John is always shabbily dressed

112279. The convocation address was very edifying

112280. Divine grace is truly ineffable.

112281. Democracy is not the standardising of everyone so as to obliterate all property

112282. He was fired for negligence of duty

112283. main street ,which was crowded a)with b)by c)in people.He became extremely aware of the danger of people threatening him

112284. He was now walking a)from b)down c)over the

112285. it except a very slight a)weight b)sound c)hurting of footstops

112286. There was really no a)reason b)evidence c)cause for

112287. that he was being a)followed b)shot c)looked by someone.

112288. After having slept for an hour,Bond decided to go out into the city and try to find its contact.After changing his suit,he carefullylocked his room and stepped out of the hotel.No one was around.But he had walked only a few miles when it suddenly a)felt b)occured c)happened to him

112289. S1:American idealism is essentially a belief in the idea of progress S6:This sense may have inherited from the English P:Therefore,he believes that,because of human effort,the future will be better than the past Q:But,if Americans are usually optimistic,they are not wholly unrealistic R:The Americans tends to view history as a record of human achievement S:They have a common sense practicality The proper sequence is

112290. S1:The body can never stop S6:It comes from food P:To support this endless activity,the body needs all the fuel for action Q:Sometimes it is more active than at other times,but it is always moving R:Even in the deepest sleep,we must breathe S:The fuel must come from somewhere The order of the sequence is

112291. S1:The machines that drive modern civilization derive their power from coal and oil S6:Nuclear energy may laso be effectively used for this purpose P:But they are not inexhaustible Q:These sources may not be exhausted very soon R:A time may come when some other sources have to be tapped and utilized. S:Power,of course,may be ontained in the future from forests,water,wind and withered vegetables The correct sequence is

112292. S1:Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were spending a weekend in a University town S6:It was clear that something very unusual happened P:One evening,they received a visit from an acquaintance,Mr Hilton Soames Q:On that occasion,he was in a state of great agitation R:They were staying in furnished rooms,more than necessary S:Mr Soames was a tall thin man of a nervous,excitable nature The proper sequence should be

112293. S1:Hope springs eternally in the hearts of men S6:This is the central idea of the poem P:But hope is everlasting Q:Love,friendship and youth perish. R:It is nursed by glorious elements of nature S:Man derives hope from nature in his gallant struggle after some noble ideal. The proper sequence should be

112294. In this section,each passage consists of 6 sentences.The first and sixth sentences are given in the beginning as S1 and S6.The middle four sentences in each are removed and jumbled up.These are labelled P,Q,R,S.You are required to find out the proper order of the sentences and mark accordingly on the answer sheet S1:At the roadside a driver will be asked to blow through a small glass tube into a plastic bag S6:The driver will be asked to go to the police station P:And if the color change did not reach the line the driver cannot be punished under the new law. Q:Inside the tube are chemically treated crystals which change color if the driver has alcohol on his brreath R:But if the color change did reach the line,then the test has proved positive S:If the color change goes beyond a certainline marked on the tube then this indicates the driver is probably over the specified limit The proper sequence should be

112295. No one would explain how a calm and stable person like him would penetrate such a mindless act on friends

112296. I would have waited for you at the station if I knew that you would come

112297. Tax payers areto be consious of their privliges

112298. In India today,many of the intellectuals still talk in terms of the French Revolution and the Rights of Man,not appreciating that much has happened since then.

112299. When it was feared that serfs might go too far and gain their freedom from serfdom,the Protestant leaders joined the princes at crushing them

112300. Due to these reasons,we are all in favor of universal compulsory education

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