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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2246

112301. While we would like that all Indian children to go to school,we need to ponder why they do not.

112302. You are warned against committing the same mistake twice

112303. The workers are hell-bent at gettingwhat they want

112304. She says she's already paid me back,but I can' t remember,so I'll have to take her word

112305. THe old man felled some trees in the garden with hardly no effort at all

112306. Five years ago on this date,I'm sitting ina small Japanese car,driving across Poland towards Berlin

112307. But in all these cases conversion from one scale to another is easy because scales havewell-formulated

112308. The more they earn,more they spend

112309. Although India is by far apoorcountry,it can become rich if its natural and human resources are fully utilized

112310. A)Mr.Smith can be accused for murder B)but the court found him not guilty C)and acquitted him D)No error

112311. A)If I had known B)this earlier C)I will have helped him D)No error

112312. A)Not one of the hundreds B)of striking workers C)were allowed to go near the factory D)No error

112313. A)The meeting adjourned abruptly B)by the chairman after C)about three hours of deliberation D)No error

112314. A)Having read a number of stories B)about space travel C)his dream now is about visit the moon D)No error

112315. A)You will come B)to my party tomorrow C)isn't it? D)No error

112316. A)The students were B)awaiting for C)the arrival of the chief guest D)No error

112317. A)Emphasis on equality of life ensures B)for the health and happiness C)of every individual D)No error

112318. A)When the dentist came in,B)my tooth was stopped aching C)out of fear that I might lose my toothD)No error

112319. A)After opening the door B)we entered into the room C)next to the kitchen D)No error

112320. A)No sooner did I open the door B)when the rain heavy and stormy,rushed in C)making us shiver from head to foot D)No error

112321. A)It is an established fact that transcendental American poets and philosophers B)who lived in the latter half of the nineteenth century C)were more influenced by Indian philosophy,in particular by the Upanishad philosophy D)No error

112322. 3 A)Since it was his first election campaign,the candidate was confused B)none could clearly understand C)either the principles he stood for or the benefits he promised D)No error

112323. 2. A)He coudn't but help B)shed tears at the plight of the villagers C)rendered homeless by a devastating cyclone D)No error

112324. 1. A)Unless you stop to make noise at once B)I will have no option but to C)bring the matter to the attention of the police D)No error

112325. Some mysteries remain in desert research,especially relating to why some regions once fertile are now

112326. As he was - and had saved enough money,his family escaped misery when he died suddenly

112327. After they -lunch,the boys ran outside

112328. Having secured the highest marks in the class,

112329. if he is willing to fit in with the plans of the group

112330. 'His parents died when he was young.I think that's why he has - problems'

112331. He - in this school since 2010

112332. 'What did you think of the film?-I didn't like it very much'

112333. These trousers are too long,- the length please

112334. We must not - the real and important advances science has made

112335. Spurious drugs can prove to be fatal

112336. Don't you think his account of things was monotonous?

112337. The paucity of good teachers is the chief reason for the present condition of these schools

112338. He has an aversion to milk

112339. The guest made derogatory remarks about the food he was served

112340. His attitude to poor people is deplorable

112341. Servitude is not helpful for mental growth

112342. His officer was a very strict person

112343. The speaker was unable to pacify the crowd

112344. The officer exaggerated the damage caused by the rowdies

112345. A busy person cannot waste his time on trivial issues

112346. Society cannot depend upon a fanatic for guidance

112347. He was not ready with his annual accounts

112348. One who rules with unlimited power is called a dictator

112349. Stellar grouping tend to be unlimited

112350. Mountaineering in bad weather is dangerous

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