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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2247

112351. The sage did not want to be bothered with mundane concerns

112352. No one can respond to a difficult situation quickly

112353. Devotees believe God dwells in their heart

112354. He fought the demon with all his might

112355. He is just laying up a lot of trouble for himself

112356. The committee conducted an exhaustive enquiry

112357. There was a devastating attack on his work

112358. How can you have the effrontery to ask for another loan?

112359. SYNONYMS All these items have been marked down

112360. For fairly thick bars of metals

112361. The flux is used to

112362. When iron is heated to 1300C,

112363. Unless the surfaces are cleaned first

112364. The simplest method of welding two pieces of metal together is known as pressure welding.The ends of a metal are heated to a white heat-for iron,the welding temperature should be about 1300C-in a flame.At this temperature the metal becomes plastic.The ends are pressed or hammered together,and the joint is smoothed off.Care must be taken to ensure that surfaces are thoroughly clean first,for dirt will weaken the weld.Moreover,the heating of iron or steel to a high temperature cause oxidation,and a film of oxide is added to the heated surfaces.For this reason,flux is applied to the heated metal.At welding heat,flux melts and the oxide particles are dissolved in it together with any other impurities which may be present.The metal surfaces are pressed together,and the flux is squeezed out from the center of the weld.A number of different types of weld may be used,but for fairly thick bars of metals,a vee-shaped belt should be normally employed.It is rather stronger than ordinary butt weld. The simplest way of welding two pieces of metal together is

112365. The fact that handwriitng is related to personality

112366. According to the author people are

112367. Handwriting analysis is

112368. Graphology is

112369. People project their mental processes into handwriting.They subconsiously shape and organise their letters,words and lines in ways that directly reflect their personalities.This explains why no two handwritings are-or even can be-alikethe medium is just too personal.Everyday observation explains the link between handwriting and personality,atleast in an elementary way.Precise people construct their words with care,slowly and exactlydynamic people dash them off.Flamboyant people boldly cover half a page with a few words and a signature,whose size fittingly reflects their expansive sense of self.Most of us have made such observations.But it takes a practised eye to discern the scores of variations and interpret the subtle interplay of forces at work ina ny given handwriting.In fact in Europe,handwriting analysis known as graphology,now enjoys scientific acceptance and common use. If you are a showy and colorful person,your handwriting is likely to be

112370. The writer is of the view that one should give a present that

112371. A golden rule is a rule which is

112372. The 'unbirthday present' is the best of all because

112373. 'They can be ordered by postcard' means that

112374. It is possible to give wedding presents,birthday and Christmas presents,without any thought of affection at all,they can be ordered by postcardbut the unbirthday present give the nicest care.It is therefore the best of all and it is the only kind to which the golden rule of present-giving imperatively applies-the golden rule which insists that you must never give anything to any person that you would not rather keepnothing that does not cost you a pang to part from.It would be nice if this rulegoverned the choice also of other three varieties of gifts,but they can be less exacting. The author says that wedding,birthday and christmas presents

112375. The author of the above passage has examined 'Mona Lisa' from

112376. The painter was able to produce that strange smile on Mona Lisa's face by

112377. The truth about Mona Lisa is that it is a study in

112378. Mona Lisa is the name of

112379. Most rhapsodical nonsense has been written about 'Mona Lisa' and her enigmatic smile and there have been endless speculations as to her character and meaning of the expression.It is all beside the mark.The truth is that Mona Lisa is a work of modeling.Leonardo da Vinci had discovered that expression of smiling is much more a matter of modeling of the cheek and of the forms below the eye than of the change in the line of the lips.It interested him to produce a smile wholly by these delicate changes of surfacehence the mysterious expression The word rhapsodical as used in the passage means

112380. He felt sure of his success,though he was beginning to get worried

112381. Even she had taken a taxi,she would have been late

112382. We have not met since then,neither did I wish to meet him now

112383. Well-bred children always listen to their parents advice

112384. No sooner did we reach the railway station when it began to rain

112385. The Prime minister called on the president

112386. He does not know what the university is

112387. Prior than taking his decisions,he always consults a lawyer

112388. It is a good thing for him should recognize his faults

112389. Some schools require children to wear black leather expensive shoes

112390. Shakespeare's play Macbeth is another of his greatest works

112391. The parents should not discriminate from the girl child

112392. If she does not get more high salary,she will resign

112393. My mother always asks us to close the fan when we leave the room

112394. These days,Radha finds it difficult to make both her ends meet

112395. Hardly I had fallen asleep,when the doorbell rang

112396. My students have been interestingin learning French

112397. Supposing if he is arrested,what will he do?

112398. The earth moves around the sun,isn't it?

112399. Among the athletes undergoing training Ramesh was easily the better

112400. None of these groups has reported accurately on the prevailing situation

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