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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2248

112401. Our plans for the trip fell down because we had no money

112402. The students are playing volleyball since 8am.

112403. Its ten o clock already.Its hime time you went home

112404. a)these b)this c)those gave him the idea of the pendulum,a device that enabled him to make the clock a scientific instrument for the first time

112405. Galileo also noticed the regular a)swings b)swinging c)swaying of the lamps in Pisa Cathedral

112406. a)to b)of c)with the square of the time it takes to fall

112407. the a)track b)distance c)path a body falls is proportionate

112408. a)downside b)down over c)down a slope to show that

112409. bodies fall at the a)same b)equal c)similar apeed,but he did roll balls

112410. a)having proved b)proving c)to prove that all

112411. He did not a)as legend says b)as stories say c)as people say drop cannon balls from the Leaning Tower of Pisa

112412. Galileo a)instead b)also c)therefore made some important discoveries in mechanics

112413. too that the earth was not the fixed centre of a)an b)a c)the universe as Ptolemy had said.

112414. and made other people a)to see b)see c)seeing

112415. He saw a)by b)from c)with his own eyes

112416. His a)observing b)observations c)observed and calculations confirmed that Copernicus and Kepler were right.

112417. and four of a)the b)their c)its moons,the phases of Venus and spots on the sun

112418. Galileo used mathematical calculayion as well as observation of nature ans was the first astronomer to use a telescope.With an instrument of his own a)experiment b)construction c)calculation, Galileo observed Jupiter

112419. But what about play and a)sport b)game c)grounds

112420. This of course is quite a)agreeable b)astute c)additional and admirable

112421. a)dubious b)simple c)clumsy wall hangings etc

112422. a)However b)Accordingly c)Similarly they are taught to make paper bags

112423. spread all a)above b)under c)over the world,lay emphasis on vocational training

112424. a)But b)Yet c)Hence special schools for children

112425. So they are mainly interested in a)providing b)making c)giving some kind of vocational training for them.

112426. parents of these a)unethical b)unnatural c)unfortunate children

112427. This most a)joyous b)distressing c) distracting question continually torments the

112428. In the following questions,you are given a choice of three words a,b and c.Choose the best word out of three What a)can b)will c)must happen to them after us?

112429. A)She dislikes B)you being most organized C)than she is D)No error

112430. A)The article offers B)good advise to C)whomever must accept it D)No error

112431. A)Either the operator B)or the foreman C)are to blame for the accident D)No error

112432. A)This photograph B)appears to be C)the best of the two D)No error

112433. A)Beside B)his mother he has two aunts C)who stay with him D)No error

112434. A)I have not had tea B)since C)two days D)No error

112435. A)To write,to speak or to act B)seems C)very easy D)No error

112436. A)The forecast was for fair B) and warm weather C)and the day dawned dark and chill D)No error

112437. A)After we were driving for miles B)on the winding road C)I was suddenly sick D)No error

112438. A)When the party was over B)he looked around for the girl C)who had come with him D)No error

112439. A)It is of primary importance B)in swimming to learn C)to breathe properly D)No error

112440. A)Recently I visited Kashmir B)and found the sceneries C)to be marvellous D)No error

112441. A)New types of electrical circuits B)has been developed C)by our engineers D)No error

112442. A)Radar equipments B)that is to be used C)for ships must be installed carefully D)No error

112443. A)Of all those involved B)with the accident C)none was seriously injured D)No error

112444. Did he buy a car ?

112445. Sit down.

112446. Let us sing.

112447. Let us play.

112448. Let him do this work.

112449. Let me do this task.

112450. Please tell me something.

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