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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2249

112451. Please give me a pen.

112452. Respect your neighbours.

112453. Help the poor.

112454. Bring the bottle of juice.

112455. Switch on the cooler.

112456. Rahul has to see it or to believe it.

112457. He like people to respect him.

112458. It is time to do our business.

112459. It is time to learn English.

112460. It is time to prepare for the game trails.

112461. There is nothing to do.

112462. There is no book to read.

112463. We ought to have saved our environment.

112464. Rahul mush have done that task.

112465. We must have obeyed our teachers.

112466. Nobody can catch him.

112467. They may win the battle.

112468. He can speak French.

112469. I must help him.

112470. Sunder will have closed the door.

112471. The police will have caught the culprit.

112472. He will hate me.

112473. Rahul will pass the message.

112474. Somebody had already adopted him.

112475. They had not done their tasks.

112476. He had written a poem.

112477. Sita was reading the Gita.

112478. The farmer was ploughing the fields.

112479. He was writing a love letter.

112480. The police caught the culprit.

112481. Thief killed him.

112482. Sahil spoke the lie.

112483. He stole that watch.

112484. I have given him a perfume.

112485. Someone has stolen his book.

112486. Priyanka has written these notes.

112487. My father has solved this matter.

112488. They are not playing the game.

112489. My mother is cooking food.

112490. My friends are watching the match.

112491. Shivu is singing a song.

112492. ഗാന്ധിജി എത്ര പ്രാവശ്യം കേരളം സന്ദർശിച്ചു? [Gaandhiji ethra praavashyam keralam sandarshicchu?]

112493. He is making a film.

112494. Savita does not like me.

112495. We hate him.

112496. My father loves me.

112497. Sahil sharma makes tea.

112498. Who among attended all the Round Table Conference?

112499. Virtuoso

112500. Sot

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