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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2252

112601. Whether we admit to ourselves or not,we are aware that

112602. Film stars present situations

112603. By watching thrilling adventures in films,we make up for

112604. The overwhelming vote given by greater part of public has so far been in favour of films which pass time easily and satisfy that part of imagination which depends on more obvious kind of daydreams.We make up for what we secretly regard as deficiencies by watching the stimulating adventures of other people who are stronger,more effective,or more beautiful than we are.The conventional stars act out our daydreams for us in a constant succession of exciting situations set in the open spaces,in the jungles or in the underworld of great cities which abounds in crime and violence.We would not dare to be in such situations but the situations are very exciting to watch since our youth is being spent in day-to-day routine of school,office or home. According to the author,most of us prefer films which

112605. "After lunch,I felt at a loose end" means

112606. From the passage,we learn that the writer was

112607. "...now I was by myself it looked very large".The word 'it' here refers to

112608. He did not look after the rest of the flat because

112609. After lunch,I felt at a loose end and roamed about the little flat.It suited us well when mother was with me,but now I was by myself it was too large and I'd moved the dining room table into my bed room.That was now the only room I used,it had all the furniture I needed,a brass bedstead,a dressing table,some cane chairs whose seats were more or less caved in,a wardrobe with a tarnished mirror.The rest of the flat was never used,so I didn't trouble to look after it. The flat did not really suit him any more because

112610. When the author says 'all would be well' he says

112611. The time available to the author for shooting the tigress was

112612. The author found it difficult to decide the question because

112613. The author says 'some of us would not reach the camp' because

112614. The tigress was a mile away and the ground between her and us was densely wooded,scatterd over by great rocks and cut up by a number of deep ravines,but she could cover the distance well within half an hour-if she wanted to.The question I had to decide was,whether or not I should try to call her.If I called and she heard me,and came while it was still daylight and gave me a chance to shoot her,all could be well,on the other hand,if she came and did not give me a shot,some of us would not reach camp,for we had nearly two miles to go and the path the whole way ran through the jungle. According to the author

112615. The man came to know that

112616. The man went out of his house because

112617. The man gave them money because

112618. A man had two blacksmiths for his neighbours.Their names were Pengu and Shengu.The man was greatly troubled by the noise of their hammers.He decided to talk to them.The next day he called both of them and offered Rs100 each,if they found new huts for themselves.They took the money and agreed to find new huts for themselves.The next morning,he got up again to the sound of their hammers.He went out to see why the blacksmiths hadn't found new huts and he discovered that Pengu and Shengu had kept their promise.They had exchanged their huts. The man was troubled because

112619. Among those present the one appeared to be the most bored was

112620. The factor common to all the people was that they were all

112621. The person who was least disturbed was the

112622. A liitle man was turning over the pages of a magazine quickly and nervously.Opposite to me there was a young mother who was trying to restraint her son from making a noise.The boy had obviously grown weary of waiting.He had placed an ashtray on the floor and was making aeroplane noises as he waved a pencil in his hands.Near him,an old man was fast asleep,snoring quickly to himself and the boy's mother was afraid that sooner or later her son would wake the gentleman up. The noise was made by

112623. in life

112624. feeling of freedom is so important to

112625. that

112626. It will help you to off shyness and self consiousness and give

112627. to gain and hold the attention others

112628. to express yourself clearly and

112629. ideas

112630. It will help you to logically and clearly, to sort out

112631. too.

112632. Practising art of storytelling can be very

112633. read the films you have seen

112634. , about the books you have

112635. your owntravels and adventures and

112636. men and women of the past

112637. it includes telling the doings of living people or

112638. covers much more than fabulous adventures

112639. The art good story telling

112640. will always be a member of any company

112641. and the person who is good

112642. SELECTING WORDS We all like listening to

112643. In spite of P)poor and hungry people Q)made by medical sciences R)the extraordinary progress S)often die

112644. On the contrary P)about family planning and its benefits Q)to all citizens R)the government wants S)to provide information and education

112645. I was so angry P)if I had met him in the street Q)and not waited to ask him R)why he has written me an insulting letter S)I would have knocked him down

112646. He approached the teacher a)at school b)to know c)in his studies d)how his son was getting on

112647. She had a blind belief that inside the bag P)two or three other children Q)there were perhaps R)which the big man carried S)like herself

112648. A moment comes P) when we step out from old to new Q)which comes rarely in history R)and when the soul of a nation S)long suppressed finds utterance

112649. Ordering of words in a sentence When the car passed by P) he threw a stone Q)raising dust in the road R)with all his might S)and hit the man who was driving it

112650. Those men as are false to their friends should be avoided

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