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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2253

112651. By the time he arrived,everybody had gone home

112652. The secretary threatened to resign his post

112653. I enjoyed the ballet by a troupe of Russian dancers

112654. Young children are not physically capable to carry these loads

112655. Many people find it difficult to make both hands meet

112656. The speaker asked the audience to bear upon him for a few minutes more

112657. Hearing the news of the accident,he broke

112658. Economics today were not what it was a century ago

112659. Fifty miles are a long distance to walk

112660. Any English are known for their practical instincts

112661. He is still in vigorous health although he is on the right side of sixty

112662. We cannot trust a man who plays false and loose with everybody

112663. The accused refused having murdered anybody

112664. The matter called up an explanation of his conduct

112665. They set a strong guard,lest any one could escape

112666. If I were you,I would do it at once

112667. There is no alternate,so we must leave now

112668. I expect every player here to be conversant at the rules of the game

112669. Sentence improvement We need honest workers,not people of redoubtableintegrity


112671. A fortress on a commanding height for defence of a city is called

112672. Scriptural injunctions should not be opposed or treated with contempt

112673. The chairman is quick to find fault and is hard to please

112674. Moralists are usually persons who abstain from alcoholic drinks



112677. ESCALATE

112678. FUSION



112681. FORBID


112683. ASSENT


112685. RESIDUE



112688. a)If he hears b) of your conduct c)he is to be unhappy d)No error

112689. a)He is representing b)my constituency c)for the last five years d)No error

112690. a)I'm waiting b)for my friend c)since this morning d)No error

112691. a)My detailed statement b)is respectively c)submitted d)No error

112692. a)We must sympathise b)for others c)in their troubles d)No error

112693. a)Some man b)are born c)great d)No error

112694. a)I convinced b)him to c)see the play d)No error

112695. a)The owner of the house b)greedily ask c)too high a price d)No error

112696. a)Employees are expected to b)adhere the rules c)laid down by the management d)No error

112697. a)The taxi that will take the family to Haridwar b)had to be ready c)at six the next morning d)No error

112698. a)You may please b)apply for an advance of salary c)to cover costs of transport d)No error

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