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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2261

113051. What could the impact of stringent inflation measures be ?

113052. What is the authors advice to politicians regarding the handling of inflation ?

113053. Why are experts not very concerned about the impact of inflation on Asian economies? 1. Asian countries have not maintained substantial hard currency reserves.2. The condition of Asian banks is currently both stable and strong.3. The Asian Development Bank will bail them out of any trouble.

113054. What makes it difficult for Asian countries to control inflation ?

113055. Which of the following is not an anti-inflation measure being used by Asian countries?1. Increase in benchmark interest rate by a central bank.2. Checks on lending.3. Subsidising fuel for farmers

113056. Which of the following can be said about Asian economies during the period from2003- 2007 ? 1. Though inflation was rising at the time politicians did not pay much attention.2. Many of the poor countries were able to compete internationally.3. The growth rate of Asian countries was facilitated by growth in advanced countries

113057. The average volume of ejaculate from a bull is about

113058. The funnel shaped tube at the ovarian end of oviduct is called

113059. The compartment of a cow’s stomach which is called as true stomach is

113060. Fat provides----------------times energy than carbohydrates

113061. The basic component of protein is called as

113062. He is a good leader, knowing that to motivate his employees to achieve

113063. Considerate the traffic, it is better to leave for the airport an hour early

113064. He has asked for the names of those employees involved in the project.

113065. The issue was taken before the Municipal Corporation meeting last week

113066. Each of the loan must be approved by the Branch Manager

113067. of the Institutes success.

113068. their own business. This made theirlectures more practical and less theoretical. It is the

113069. Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word dejectedly asused in the passage

113070. all his senior people to bepractising entrepreneurs. I have seen a similar example at the Asian Institute ofManagement, which allows its professors to

113071. Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word printed in bold as used in the passage. Packed

113072. Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning asthe word printed in bold as used in the passage. Left

113073. the market would have improved. It did happen and the decision brought rich

113074. Vitamins which are synthesized in the rumen are

113075. that since the cement industry was cyclic in nature, by the time the plant was

113076. time. He was .

113077. toeveryones expectations he sanctioned an additional plant in

113078. ..... focus. The cement industry in those days was doing badly .....

113079. What did the boy receive from his mother ?

113080. the companys growth plan in a dedicated manner andhe never .

113081. Which of the following can be said about the woman?

113082. What did the youngest child do while his mother was busy ? 1. He waited for a chance to steal some sweetmeats.2. He pestered his mother to give him a present.3. He stood at the door with servants.

113083. He was a charismatic leader, an entrepreneur and a highly effective manager all rolledinto one. As a leader, he

113084. From the following sentence find out whether there is any grammaticalerror in it.

113085. Feed constituent in which the crude fibre is less than 18% is called

113086. How did the woman prepare for the festival ?1. She bought expensive gifts for her children and neighbours.2. She ordered her servants to prepare sweets and food well in advance.3. She made sure that her youngest child was looked after so that he wouldnt be bored.

113087. Why did the womans eldest son not attend the festival ?

113088. The zygot reaches the uterus by

113089. Why did the woman's second son travel ?

113090. The period from fertilization to parturition is called

113091. From the following sentence find out whether there is any grammaticalerror in it

113092. The gestation period of buffalo is

113093. The inability of cow to normally calve due to postural abnormalities is called

113094. The technique of producing large number of off springs from a superior cow is called

113095. The thumb rule for feeding concentrate to cattle is

113096. Milking should be completed within the prescribed period because the half life of oxytocin is

113097. From the following options find out the wrongly spelt or inappropriate word.

113098. Withholding of the milk is due to the hormone

113099. It has been estimated that a dairy cow produced half of its lactation yield during the first-days of its lactation perio

113100. According to PFA rule buffalo milk should contain not less than a:

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